Compilation Soundtrack

Film Music for a New Age: Volume 1

Composed by: Various Artists

Performed by: Various Artists

Distributed by: BuySoundtrax Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Recently, I was offered the opportunity to review a new album from BuySoundtrax Records featuring musical scores by various artists that have re-arranged and recorded to have a new-age influence.  Film Music for a New Age: Volume 1 is the first in an upcoming series of albums in this format.

                The music featured on this album comes from such well known composers as John Williams, James Horner, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Bear McCreary and more from such well known films and television series as A.I., Avatar, Star Trek Generations, Battlestar Galactica, The X-Files, Legend, Clash of the Titans and more.  The music is arranged by various artists such as Dominik Hauser, Dan Redfield, Joohyun Park, Steve Bartek and more.  Vocal performances are provided by Katie Campbell.

                Listening to the music of Film Music for a New Age was an enjoyable experience from a music enthusiastís point of view.  The music is light and makes for a very calm and soothing music experience.  However, from a film score enthusiastís point of view, this album is very frustrating.  I have heard most of the tracks on this album in their original form at one time or another in my life.  That being said, I found it frustrating that I couldnít recognize the music on this album with the exception of one or two tracks.  I could be wrong, but I thought the idea behind this album was to give older scores a splash of new age influence, not totally redo the score so that it is completely unrecognizable.

                For a beautiful, easy listening experience, Film Music for a New Age: Volume 1 is quite enjoyable and worth taking a listen to, but if you are looking for a new spin on old favorites, you may find yourself a tad disappointed at how differently those old favorites sound thanks to variations in speed, pitch and instrumentation. 


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