The Flash: Season 1

Musical Score By: Blake Neely

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In 2014, a DC comic book hero returned to television.  A spinoff from the popular CW series Arrow, The Flash stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, an orphan who lost his mother (Michelle Harrison) to some supernatural force and his father (John Wesley Shipp - the original Flash from the 1990s series) when he was accused of his mother's murder.  Taken in by a police detective (Jesse L. Martin), Allen eventually becomes a crime scene investigator for the Central City Police specializing in investigations of the paranormal.  Struck by lightning enhanced by an advanced particle accelerator device disaster and doused with chemicals from his lab, Allen wakes from a coma nine months later to discover that he can move at superhuman speeds.  He decides to use this power to protect the inhabitants of Central City from the likes of metahuman criminals.

                The musical score of The Flash was created by American composer Blake Neely.  Beginning his musical career at the age of four when he began playing the piano, Neely went on to compose his own songs once he started taking formal lessons.  By the age of eight, after seeing Star Wars, Blake Neely was certain of his path - he would become a composer.  His score for the television series, Everwood, would launch his career in 2002.  Since then, he has composed scores for a number of televisions series, including Brothers & Sisters, The Mentalist and Eli Stone.  Having composed the musical score for three seasons of Arrow, it only made sense that Blake Neely would be chosen to create the musical score for the series' spinoff, The Flash.

                The Flash: Season 1 Soundtrack is a 2-disc set - the first CD has music from the first season of the series, while the second contains music from the Flash/Arrow crossover episode and bonus tracks.   The score of The Flash: Season 1 contains a mix of orchestral and electronic sound.  A fast paced string theme represents the speed of the main character while a helicopter sound gives us the impression of super-accelerated running.  Heavy percussion and adrenaline pumping music are for moments in which Barry Allen finds a need to use his powers against the bad guys.  Softer orchestral music represent moments of emotion and personal drama.  Tracks such as Trickster and Captain Cold are somewhat playful, but most of the music is either action-packed or drama-based. 

                The Flash: Season 1 Soundtrack is an excellent buy at $15.00US when you consider that you get 29 tracks of music lasting over an hour and fifteen minutes and a twelve-page booklet with pictures from the series and liner notes from the composer.  The music is highly enjoyable and just what one would expect for a series about a superhero who was thrust into the job unexpectedly.  Blake Neely has a knack for this sort of storyline, creating music that alternates between action and accolades and dramatic emotion.  Another job well done.


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