The Flash: Season 2

Musical Score By: Blake Neely

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                A spin-off of the popular CW series, Arrow, The Flash features Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, a young man whose obsession with his tragic past leads him to investigate cold cases, paranormal events and cutting-edge scientific advancements that might shed light on his mother’s murder.  Along the way, he is struck by lightning during a storm and doused by chemicals in his lab, causing him to fall into a coma.  Awakening after nine months, Barry Allen is now capable of moving at superhuman speeds.  He decides to use his special powers for good, protecting the citizens of Central City from the criminal activity.

                The second season of The Flash takes place six months later.  The Flash is now recognized as Central City’s hero, but a new evil enters the scene from a parallel universe.  Named Zoom, this individual also possesses the ability to move at superhuman speeds and he has decided that no one else with this ability (in this universe, or any other) has the right to live.

                The musical score of The Flash: Season 2 was created by award-winning American composer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator and musician Blake Neely who began his career at a very young age.   Learning the piano at the age of four, Neely soon began composing songs.  He would eventually learn to play a number of instruments, including the synthesizer, drums and the French Horn.  While in college, he secured an internship with Disney Studios, leading to a job with Disney Hollywood Records.  In 2002, Neely got his big break composing the musical score for the television series, Everwood.  Since then, he has created musical score for a number of television series and films, including Resurrection, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Life as We Know It, Pan Am, Legends of Tomorrow, The Pacific, Arrow, Blindspot, Supergirl and more.

                According to Neely, beginning work on the musical score for the second season of The Flash was rather intimidating: “I knew Zoom was coming. And I had heard rumblings about Earth-2, but add to that time travel, time remnants, wraiths, multi- verses, King Shark, doppelgangers, Hawkgirl, Vandal Savage and tons more metahumans, it can be a lot to absorb and represent musically.”  The original Flash theme is still there, offering up fast-paced violins and percussion, but Neely uses less of that electronic helicopter sound to represent speed.  Electronic sound is mixed in here and there, but it is not as dominant in this score.  Softer tracks like How It Ended / Reluctant Hero, You Have a Son, His Name is Wally and The Right Decision feature soft piano pieces with a light string background.  Low registry notes on horns represent villains.  High registry fanfare are obviously heroic moments.  Rumbles, as in Black Siren in Central City, represent a significant moment in the fight between good and evil.

                I enjoy Blake Neely’s musical scores for television series involving superheroes.  They are a compromise of drama and action, musically allowing the listener to experience the action of the superhero’s heroics, but also allowing them to experience the drama behind their superhero persona.  I enjoyed listening to o The Flash: Season 1 Soundtrack, but believe that The Flash :Season 2 Soundtrack is even better.  Perhaps it’s because Neely is catering to the growth of the main character in this score, or maybe it’s just that Neely is now more comfortable in this setting.  Fans of the series will definitely want to get their hands on this album.


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