Flight of the Storks

Composed By: Eric Neveux

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the novel by Jean-Christophe Grangé, the television miniseries Flight of the Storks stars Harry Treadaway as John Anselme, a British academic out to solve the mystery proffered by amateur ornithologist Max Böhm (Danny Keogh) involving the migration of storks from Switzerland to South Africa.  Max wonders at why some of the birds never seem to return from this journey.  Despite the fact that Max, himself, doesn't return from this journey either - his body is found in a stork's nest - Jonathan continues on the journey alone and becomes embroiled in a murder mystery spanning the globe.

                The musical score of Flight of the Storks is composed by Eric Neveux, a French composer who began his musical career at a very early age, leaving his piano and music theory classes at the age of fifteen to become a "real musician."  Ten years later, Neveux made his first foray into film score composition with the Regarde La Mer.  He also recorded an album, under the moniker Mr. Neveux, called Tuba.  Since then, Neveux has composed a number of scores for television and film, including Sitcom, Intimacy, Speak to Me of Love, All Girls Are Crazy, In Their Sleep, Hideaways, Borgia and more.

                The music created for Flight of the Storks is eclectic in nature, spanning a number of genres and representing the cultures of the various locales the story takes place in.  The music varies from classical to contemporary to dance and features exotic instruments from various cultures and countries around Europe and Africa.  The resulting score is interesting with an exotic flare, but, with the storyline involving mystery and intrigue, there is always that ominous undercurrent pervading even the most enjoyable tracks.

                As a stand alone album, Flight of the Storks represents some interesting and unique musical composition.  As music created to enhance the visuals of the film, I have no doubt that Eric Neveux achieved the goal set before him of providing music that will aide in telling the story of Flight of the Storks.  Even if you aren't interested in buying the whole album, you should, at the very least, sample some of the music composed for this miniseries.  Eric Neveux is an innovative composer with a unique sound worth taking a listen to.


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