Follow Us Overboard

Artist: The Quick & Easy Boys

Produced by: The Quick & Easy Boys

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I receive a lot of music to review and I don't always get to everything right away, but I usually try to make independent artists top priority.  That's why when I discovered that Follow Us Overboard by The Quick & Easy Boys was still in my cue after almost a year, I was shocked.  I had to listen to this album right away!  And listen to it I did.

The Quick and Easy Boys are a Portland, Oregon-based band featuring Sean Badders on vocals and bass, Jimmy Russell on vocals and guitars and Casey Anthony on drums and vocals.  Formed in 2005, the band became known for their electrifying, high-energy touring presence, whether performing in large festivals or small watering holes.  Follow Us Overboard is the band's fourth album following Bad Decisions With Good People (their debut album), Red Light Rabbit and Make It Easy.

The band's sound on this album is quite interesting, moving from psychedelic hard rock to a celebration of classic rock to pop.   Follow Us Overboard opens with Breathe, a hard rocking track with heavy guitar riffs and a harsh sound to the lyrics.  Interspersed between the longer tracks on the album are quick tracks that show the band's ability to diversify their sound, while still adding that psychedelic sound.  Die has some great guitar riffs and a vocal sound reminiscent of Billy Idol.  Next up is Love Will Go, featuring another diverse sound - rapping to rock beats.  Heart Is Torn has a honky tonk rock sound.  I love the way these guys harmonize and there is no better display of that harmony than in I Go Walking with its a cappella beginning and its Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons pop sound afterwards. 

From start to finish, Follow Us Overboard is a rocking good time, showing us the diversity of sound the band can give us, the perfect harmony of the band's vocalists and the great guitars and percussion they have to offer.  I had a great deal of fun listening to this album and can't seem to stop listening to it - as I write this, I will have listened to it a fifth time.  The Quick & Easy Boys are the real deal and I can't wait to hear more from this band in the future.


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