Turn Back The Clock

Forever Knight 

Distributed By: Sony Pictures

Reviewed by Justine Manzano


     Much like my husband, Ismael, I have had an obsession with the whole idea around vampires since I was very young.  For me, the obsession started when I was 10 years old with the airing of the first episode of a series called Forever Knight.  It started when CBS began a night time series called ďCrimetime After Primetime,Ē in which, every day of the week, a different mystery/suspense series would air in the 11:35-12:35 time slot.  The Wednesday night show, (if Iím remembering my days correctly) was Forever Knight, and upon watching it all those years ago, I was hooked.  Despite the fact that CBSí experiment ended after one season of the show, I followed as the show jumped from CBS to WPIX to Fox and then finally met itís demise.  Three seasons long, this show changed how I viewed vampires.  It was my Anne Rice (though it didnít take itself nearly as seriously).

     Forever Knight picks up just in time to watch as a seemingly normal Toronto Police detective named Nicholas Knight (Geraint Wyn Davies, 24, Tracker) partners up with the cocky and bull-headed Donald Schanke (John Kapelos, The Breakfast Club - he was the janitor, Stick It).  It doesnít take long for the viewer to understand that Nick is not like any other copóhe claims to be allergic to sunlight so he can only work at night, he doesnít eat in front of people and he doesnít really love crosses.  Detective Nicholas Knight is a vampire and heís doing a damn good job of hiding it.  Helping him cover his secret is Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher), a medical examiner for the department who once discovered Nickís secret after he survived an explosion that shouldíve killed him.  When she discovered his secret, he confessed to her that he wants to become human and is willing to try any experiment Natalie can dream up if it would help to get him there.  He hates what he is and has become a detective to right the wrongs in his life.  Fighting against his goal are the vampire that made him, Lacroix (Nigel Bennett, Lexx: The Series) and his long time vampire lover, Jeanette (Deborah Duchene).  Throughout season 1 and 2 of the series, Nick struggled to keep his secret from Schanke, to try Natalieís attempts at a cure and to keep Lacroix and Jeanette from doing any more damage.

            In season 3 (the best season in my opinion), Nick is joined by a new partner, Tracy Vetter (Lisa Ryder, Andromeda, Jason X) who discovers the secret of vampires when she finds Javier Vachon (Ben Bass), a young vampire who has been on the run all his life.  However, despite the fact that she discovers his secret, she still doesnít know Nickís and Nick is desperate to keep her from figuring it out.  Add to that the new recurring characters of Urs and Screed, Vachonís old vampire buddies.  Finally, when a secret Lacroix has been keeping and Nick and Natalieís growing relationship begins to get in the way, all of them may be in jeopardy.  In the end, only a few survive and itís explosive!

            All in all, Forever Knight is a fairly cheesy show.  It was made in the early 90ís, and it has some terrible momentsóthe kind that embarrass you just by watching them.  The actors can sometimes overact terribly, and the direction can often be very overly dramatic.  It would be pretty badÖif it wasnít SO GOOD!  I donít understand what it is, but the show always kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Itís bad, silly, and cheesy, but in some ways itís brilliant.  It was ahead of itís time.  Complex relationships between characters, offbeat storylines and often genreless episodes, this drama may be comedic at times, but itís still worth the watching.  Besides, if youíre a vampire lover, youíll certainly find the time for the inspiration of many vampire stories after itís time.  So check it out and prepare for three seasons of one of the most cheesy and entertaining series of the early 90ís!


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