Something I Have Forgotten

Original Poem by Jesse Cornell



She hangs her head

Into the staring street.

Her blackened charred body barely holds on.

Strength withdrawn from her frame. 


Autumn blazed up

Tissue-thin skin-

Newly patterned only months ago. 

Amber, gold and red

Held mischievous hands,

Twisting.  Pulling.  Playing

Against each other.



Bruises climb higher

Up her painted limbs.


Splinter ing,

Frag ment ing-


Into caving floors.

Creaking cries to cruel winds

Threatening to overtake her.


Hissing, searing,


Lead framed glass

Pops outward and inward

Melted across her eaved eyebrows.


She stands, she’s cooled

Black-brown and grayer

Every hour.

Petite perches lay as skeletal reminders

Of how strong she had once been.


Beams held up by sooty sorrow

Invite her last visitors

That fly away

From, booming crashes and splitting sounds of unrest.


Spiritless ashes scattered,

Then settled.

The little girl knelt by her side.

Sobbing uncontrollably,

Exhaling her remains

Across the neighborhood. 


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