Feature Article


FOX All Access

by Melissa Minners

            When I first listened to FOX All Access on my FM dial on Sunday morning, I was surprised.  What is this on my radio?  While all other stations are either playing talk radio or acoustic versions of popular music, this station is playing new and unique music and requested hits.  After that first listen, I was prepared to listen again the following Sunday, until I eventually found that I would rather listen to this show on Sundays than anything else playing on the radio.

            FOX All Access not only provides listeners the opportunity to hear new music, but it also gives them the opportunity to decide what music is going to be played on their weekly show by encouraging them to call in or email the show with their picks for the week.  Listeners are also encouraged to send in tips about new music that they want other listeners to hear.

            But FOX All Access isnít just about playing the music.  The show, hosted by DJ Chris Leary, also provides listeners with exclusive interviews with singers and insight into their music.  The show also offers up exclusive interviews with celebrities from your favorite FOX television shows and from movies that are headed to the theaters, already in theaters or coming out on DVD.

            The show is entirely interactive, giving listeners the opportunity to have a say on what will be on the very next show.  Even the website is interactive, encouraging listeners to speak up by either posting requests for current songs or giving the show a heads up on songs they believe we need to hear.  Fans of the show can catch up on interviews they have missed by checking out the Audio and Video sections of the site and can get exclusive information about their favorite artists in the Artist Insider section.  If you arenít sure when and where FOX All Access can be heard in your neck of the woods, check out the Find Us section of the site and locate your state. 

            So, if you are looking for a way to beat the Sunday radio boredom blues, check out FOX All Access with Chris Leary and say goodbye to boring TOP 40 shows and acoustic nightmares.

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