Free Fall

Composed By: Dürbeck & Dohmen

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dramatic German film Free Fall (originally titled Freier Fall), Hanno Koffler is Marc Borgmann, a police officer with a promising career on the force, a happy marriage and a baby on the way.  Things seem to be going well for Marc, until he meets fellow police officer Kay Engel (Max Riemelt).  For the first time, Marc experiences an effortless relationship in which he can be totally at ease with someone.  To his surprise, he realizes he is falling in love and his idyllic life is no longer so enjoyable as Marc finds himself in a free fall, his life spiraling out of control.

                The musical score of Free Fall was created by the composing team of Dürbeck & Dohmen.  Renė Dohmen and Joachim Dürbeck began their collaborative efforts in an 80s band.  When the band split up, they formed Dürbeck & Dohmen, they began composing music for commercials, eventually expanding their horizons to include television, theater and film. 

                The music created for Free Fall is a mix of conventional music and electronic sound.  Tracks like Wrong Turn, Keep Breathing Evenly and Back on the Track feature some really enjoyable music with guitars, piano and percussion probably hailing back to Dürbeck & Dohmen's heyday as members of a rock/punk band.  The third track, Under the Shower, features a sultry bass guitar with reverb, probably used to heighten the listener's senses and give them a sense of the character's mind's inner workings. 

                Though I did enjoy some of the tracks, I found the Free Fall Soundtrack to be somewhat unremarkable as a stand alone album.  That being said, I can definitely see the music on the soundtrack working perfectly with the visuals of the film, probably representing the emotions in the scenes the music was composed for quite well.  Some musical scores are simply meant to accompany and enhance visuals in a film, not to be sold as a stand alone album.  The music on the Free Fall Soundtrack is a perfect example.


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