From Earth to Mars

Composed By: Arturo Rodriguez

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                First performed in December 2000, From Earth to Mars: A Symphonic Journey is a seven-movement concert work created by Arturo Rodriguez.  His first commissioned work, ordered by The Kennedy Center / Imagination Fort Worth, the composition seeks to depict the journey of the first human to Mars.  The recorded music features eighty musicians and choir members of the New Millennium Philharmonic Orchestra

                Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Arturo Rodriguez is a pianist, conductor, orchestrator and composer.  He has been a Sundance Music Lab Composer Fellow and a participant for the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop and the 11th New York University Composers Seminar.  Working as an orchestrator for such notable composers as Osvaldo Golijov and Stewart Copeland, Arturo has participated in the scores of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom's Cry, Elemental, Zipper and Twixt.  I was first introduced to Arturo Rodriguez’ music with the film The Maid’s Room.

                Featuring nine long orchestral tracks, From Earth to Mars tells a story through music.  It actually sounds like the perfect musical accompaniment to a documentary on space travel.  Horns represent the awe of space travel and its might discoveries.  Flutes express moments of wonderment.  Choir pieces enhance the awe and amazement of the journey.  As I listened to the score I was immediately reminded of pieces created for Star Wars by John Williams, one of my favorite composers.

                I had not read the promotional information prior to listening to this album.  Thus, I had thought I was actually listening to the score of a documentary on space travel or a new science fiction movie set in space.  So dramatic was the score that I had a hard time believing that the music of From Earth to Mars had not been created for a movie of the same name.  From Earth to Mars is definitely an album worth checking out and Arturo Rodriguez a composer worth keeping an eye on.


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