From Inside

Composed By: Gary Numan and Ade Fenton

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the graphic novel by John Bergin, the animated film From Inside follows the story of a young pregnant woman named Cee (Corryn Cummins).  Fleeing the blasted and now radioactive city she once came from, Cee and the other passengers of a giant train find themselves trekking across a nightmare of a post-apocalyptic landscape, searching for a place they might be able to call home.  Nobody knows if that place truly exists and, as Cee's journey continues, she begins to wonder whether her baby will be affected by the horror's she just left and what sort of future it would have should it survive.

                The musical score of From Inside was created by Gary Numan and Ade FentonFrom Inside represents the first foray into film score writing for British musician Gary Numan.  Credited as one of the founding fathers of synth-pop, Numan has released over 35 albums and has been performing for several decades.

                The influence of Gary Numan's electronic music background is heavily felt in the From Inside score.  Electronic/electric sound mixed with keyboards for dramatic moments, the score of this film is as dark as the environment Cee suddenly finds herself thrust into.  From the first moments of the score, having never read the liner notes prior to hearing the music, I knew right away that I was dealing with a soundtrack written for a post-apocalyptic film.  The harsh electronic sounds mixed in with the score give rise to that end of the world sort of feeling.  The forlorn tones of the keyboards give one the feeling that someone is dealing with tragedy and loss. 

                There is a definite bleakness to the score that makes the From Inside Soundtrack quite distressing.  In that Gary Numan has succeeded in bringing in the film to life through his music.  For a first foray into scoring, Numan has done incredibly well, that one forgets this is a musical score created for an animated film.  Quite and achievement for someone who has never scored film music before.  Numan has quite a flare for the genre and I hope he continues dabbling in it.  For now, I will close my eyes and continue listening to the dark and incredibly sad sounds of the From Inside Soundtrack and imagine what a future would be like in this harsh world created by John Bergin.


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