Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                G.B.F. is a comedy starring Michael J. Willet as Tanner, a closeted gay high school teenager who would love more than anything to keep under the radar.  His friend, also a closet gay, Brent (Paul Iacono), longs for the spotlight and had a plan on how to make that happen.  Brent is going to go after the popular girls, fighting for the top spot of Prom Queen.  After all, the new “it” thing is the “Gay Best Friend” as the popular teenage girl accessory.  Unfortunately, Tanner gets outed instead of Brent and now there is an all-out fight between the popular girls for Tanner’s friendship.  Now that Tanner has become Mr. Popular, will he be forced to give up the friends he had before.

                The G.B.F. Soundtrack features songs by various artists, including Dragonette, Tones on Tail, CSS, Royal Teeth, Tegan and Sara and more.  The music found on the album is upbeat and mostly club, dance and pop.  There are a couple of meaningful love songs like Lighthouse by High Fashion and Closer by Tegan and Sara.  There is also a slow remake of True by Glacial Walls, featuring a female singer.  I enjoyed the re-imagination and found it a credible version, but I still love the original by Spandau Ballet more.  But the main attraction of this album is the great beats and fun music that make you want to dance.

                One of my favorite tracks, Gay Best Friend by Heven’ Helen Vergara, not only made me want to dance, but its lyrics also elicited a chuckle or two.  Other favorites included H.E.R. by Veva, Too Hot by Hey Willpower, Friday Nights by French Horn Rebellion and Viceroy and Closer by Tegan and Sara for their danceability as well as the lyrics.

                The G.B.F. Soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to and makes a great stand alone album as well as an accompaniment to what looks to be a rather funny movie.


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