From the Desk of Natasia:

The Generation Gap

by Natasia Minners

            As most of you know, I’ve been attending classes at KCU (Kitty Cat University) for some time now thanks to the power of my human’s credit cards.  Sometimes I take online courses, but lately, I’ve been able to venture out and take classes in the local area.  These classes put me in touch with other kitties in the community and really give me an idea of what it’s like in the world outside my home.

            Now, I’m an older kitty and a part of the adult education scene - cats who didn’t have an opportunity to go to college in their youth and are “going back to school.”  Many of my friends are in the same cat litter.  So, when a new kit entered our class and became a part of our “team”, it caused quite the disturbance.  This new kid, Chloe, is something of a phenom, attending college only a few months after birth.  Now, don’t get me wrong, albeit rather small, this kitty is pretty smart.  It’s the generation gap that is hard to surmount.

            I guess I should elaborate.  Chloe is a bit…how should I say this…I think she suffers from Kitty ADD.  She just never seems to focus on anything.  This would be an example of a typical conversation with Chloe:


I finished the homework for Cats of the World…oooh, look at that…a fuzz ball…must chase!…and then I ate tuna for dinner…love that Fancy Feast…a bird…must chase!…did you know we have choir practice today…what’s that crinkly noise I hear…must chase!…meow…what was I saying?…oooh, toy mouse!  Must chase!!!


            You will note how no one ever gets a word in edgewise.  I mean, I know she’s young, but does she ever take time to smell the catnip?  Actually, I would say that Chloe is on a perpetual catnip high.  She runs everywhere she goes, gets that crazy, wild-eyed stare, and then pounces on something unseen.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do pounce on unseen things just to have a little fun with my human and make her think I caught a bug or a mouse or something, but that’s all in good fun.  Chloe does this with no humans around…and I think she really believes she is chasing something.

            I think maybe she’s on that human drug called crack.  I mean, I actually watched her try to walk on the ceiling.  Every cat knows you can’t walk upside down, but that’s not going to stop Chloe.  She just keeps running around and jumping on things, hoping one day to reach that ceiling.  And don’t be in her way, or she’ll bowl you right over.  You can’t even take a nap in the Kitty Lounge without Chloe slamming into you asking if you saw the speck of dust that just drifted past.

            And try to get a bite to eat at the Kitty Snack Bar.  Not happening.  The minute you put something on your plate, you’ll hear this triumphant mew, look down and discover that your pâté is gone.  You’re plate is wiped clean and there’s Chloe, standing in the corner of the room, licking her paw as if nothing happened, distinctly smelling of ocean whitefish every time she lets out a burp.

            I’m not sure what to do with this black blur of a furball.  Should I just let her keep company with us, or should I let her have it?  I’ve taken some kitty self defense courses in my youth and can still keep up with the best of the young crowd.  Ah, maybe I’ll just sleep on it.  After all, it seems like a very good time for a cat nap.

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