Non-Fiction / Supernatural

Ghostly Adventures

Written by: Christopher Balzano

Published By: Adams Media

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            Happy Halloween!  I have a quick read for you to compliment your holiday Ė Ghostly Adventures.  This is a novel that explains the technology behind ghost hunting.  I liked the way the author explains ghost hunting and goes out of his way to make certain that everything scientific is very understandable offering a great many examples to make his points easily understood.  One chapter in particular, about Ouija Boards was very adamant about not using Ouija Boards alone due to the serious consequences that this use may incur.  Not only does the author make you understand why there are consequences and how easy they can happen, but he offers examples of when these consequences did occur.  Christopher Balzano also shows how the devices that have become popular on shows like Ghost Hunters and most Most Haunted work and can be used to validate things.

            The book provides the reader with a comprehensive glossary and appendix of where to find ghost hunters on the internet and in your local area.  Probably one of the most unique items, found in the back of the book, is a ghost huntersí map.  The map is marked by where the stories in the book occurred, a very nice touch.

            The actual ghost stories are broken out after the author explains the technical side.  I enjoyed these tales, though I wish the author had gone a little more in depth about them.  However, they were enough to satisfy me.  The stories are from all over the country, so the book is not limited to certain areas.  Whatís nice is that most of the stories are about two pages long, so you can read a number of them in a single sitting.  I wasnít so scared after reading them that I couldnít sleep, so itís not going to give most readers nightmares.  Itís one of those books that can be shared with the whole family

            I hope that you find Ghostly Adventures as enjoyable a read as I did.  It is a perfect book to read to guests at your next Halloween party.


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