Ghosts of the Revolutionary War

Written by: Christopher E. Wolf

Published By: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            When I saw this book in the local interest section of Barnes & Noble, it was love at first sight.  My two favorite subjects, ghosts and history, in one book, I couldn’t believe my luck.

            Ghosts of the Revolutionary War is a wonderful look back into the 18th century of the original thirteen colonies of the New World.  Any time I get the chance to read about our early American roots, I jump at it.  I know what some of you are thinking - boring - but I promise you if you really take rich history and not the sugarcoated information mostly provided in textbooks, you will find it to be quite enjoyable.  However, if you take those same stories and add in a ghost or two, well, the combination is just explosive.

            I really loved the layout of this book.  Each section is separated into the colonies with the states sharing their chapters.  I couldn’t resist turning to the chapter that covers my home state.  I am also thankful for the wonderful photographs of the historic sites taken by the author’s wife, Cindy.  The pictures set up the story nicely because they offer up a visual aid useful in understanding the story.

            Mr. Wolf is an excellent writer of history.  I hope he considers writing a book about the Revolutionary War itself because he is spot on and doesn’t and doesn’t modify accurate accounts to make the ghost story fit in better.  Take the story of the Witch’s Curse - at the time that Colonel Buck supposedly sent the witch to burn at the stake, the Salem trials would have been well over.  You see, Colonel Buck was born more than thirty years after the trials were over.  I love the fact that Wolf offers up the tale, but never discards the facts in an effort to add credence to the legend.

            I believe nothing is lost in the honest history versus the ghost story.  One of my favorites is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  We all know the tale of the soldier who tragically lost his head and rises nightly in search of a head.  Mr. Wolf actually goes to the old cemetery where the soldier is possibly buried.  There he meets the disheveled deacon of the church that rests upon the cemetery.  After introductions and such, the deacon offers to show Mr. Wolf where the soldier lies.  Just after viewing the possible gravesite, another sightseer’s car breaks down.  The good deacon offers assistance and goes to his truck.  After waiting for the deacon to appear again, they decide to look for him.  Wolf comes upon another deacon who shows him a picture of the deacon who had been assisting him at the cemetery.  The photos is of a former deacon who had passed away.  That story still gives me the chills.

            Ghosts of the Revolutionary War is a real treasure and a lot of fun.  I hope you are able to read and enjoy it as much as I did.  Halloween is coming and this book would be great for a Halloween party story telling moment.


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