Music Composed By: tomaandandy

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Girlhouse, a Canadian slasher horror film, Ali Cobrin is Kylie Atkins, a young college girl in need of funds.  She finds them in an X-rated reality series filmed in a house filled with beautiful women.  Though assured that the house is safe, Kylie will soon learn what it is like to feel terror when a deranged fan named Loverboy (Slaine) is banned from the site.  Hacking in and discovering the location of Girlhouse, Loverboy is coming...and looking for some retribution.

            The Girlhouse Soundtrack features songs by various artists such as Supreme Villain (Slaine & Madchild), Com Truise, Todd Michael Schultz and Jesse Rhodes, and musical score by the composing duo known as tomandandy.  Andy Milburn and Thomas Hadju met in Princeton University.  The duo traveled to New York and began collaborating with film director Mark Pellington at MTV.  Soon their compositions were being used in commercials, TV shows, movies, art installations and record projects.  Since then, tomandandy have built a number of recording studios in New York and Los Angeles and have worked with such notable artists as U2, Lou Reed and Alicia Keyes.  They have composed the musical scores for films like Resident Evil: Afterlife, Killing Zoe, Arlington Road, The Rules of Attraction, The Hills Have Eyes and The Mothman Prophecies.

            The songs featured in Girlhouse vary in genre with a mix of rap, blues, R&B, pop and techno.  There are love ballads, fun pop tracks, anger and violence and more represented in these songs.  Enemy is a rap song performed by Supreme Villain, featuring Slaine, the deranged killer in the film.  Enemy is an extremely angry song, representing the killer in every way, down to the violent acts he is willing to perform to get back at his enemies.  Good Vibrations is a fun, summer love type of song by Todd Michael Schultz.  Let It Be Known is a bluesy love ballad by Jesse Rhodes, while Love Me So Bad is a bit of a raunchy track by the same performer.  Then there's the techno sound of Com Truise's VHS Sex and the R&B track Way of the World by Jack Gravina (featuring Quinn). 

            The musical score of the film is electronic/electric.  The music has ominous undertones and slashing electronic sounds, with a bit of rock throne in for Loverboy's overzealous attacks.  According to tomandandy, "We tried to develop a suspenseful tone while avoiding cliché. The themes of the film, while obviously contemporary, are also connected to primal human experiences, and it was dark fun for us juxtaposing terror and imbalance with the trappings of modern internet life."  So, you will hear some purely electronic sound, but the composing duo stayed away from the cliché horror cues like screeching violins and reverb. 

            With a unique score and some really great songs, the Girlhouse Soundtrack is one album well worth spending your hard earned money on.  I enjoyed the experience...more than once! 


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