Girl on a Bicycle

Musical Score By: Craig Richey

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                An Italian driving a tour bus in France, Paolo (Vincenzo Amato) lives a life full of complications.  He has just proposed to the love of his life, German stewardess Greta (Nora Tschimer).  Then he meets a French beauty named Cécile (Louise Monot) who pulls up next to Paolo's tour bus on a bicycle.  A freak accident and some horrible advice finds Paolo racing from his German fiancée to a French "wife" to two Australian children who call him "Papa."  With all of these complications can Paolo ever truly find happiness?  And with who?

                The musical score of Girl on a Bicycle was created by American composer Craig Richey.  Graduating from the Juilliard School of Music with a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, Richey began composing music for film in New York.  He received critical praise for his score of When It's Over, but his career seemed to take off after Richey moved to Los Angeles in the year 2000.  Since then, Craig Richey has created musical scores for a number of films, including Answers to Nothing, Wonderful World, Lovely & Amazing, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters and more.

                The Girl on a Bicycle Soundtrack features three songs and twenty-three tracks of musical score.  The music is mainly light comedy, airy and carefree with a sense of happiness to the extreme.  The score features strings, acoustic guitar, light percussion, some piano, some accordion and whistling.  Before I had even read the promotional materials for this soundtrack, I knew it was set in Europe.  There was a French sort of feel to the music...a sense of romance featuring instrumentation one associates with France. 

                There is also a sense of wistfulness, as if although happy, something is missing from Paolo's life.  Things finally come to a head in the twenty-fifth track, Welcome to Milan!, where we can sense some definite tension in the music.  The last track, The Wedding, The End, Or Is It, seemingly takes us back to the beginning featuring Meet Paolo with a slight twist.

                The score created by Craig Richey is a light, comedic score perfect for the romantic comedy that is Girl on a Bicycle.  You have a sense of a man in love with life, who discovers that there is more than he already is familiar with and eventually becomes overwhelmed by the complications of wanting and receiving more than he bargained for.  The Girl on a Bicycle Soundtrack is an enjoyable listen that made me smile.


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