Glee: The Music: Season 1, Volume 1

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Columbia Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I fell in love with Glee from the very first episode of the season.  Glee stars Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester, a former member of the Glee Club and now teacher at William McKinley High School.  In Willís teenage years, Glee Club was the ďITĒ club and Will has a dream to bring that feeling back, organizing a new Glee Club.  Unfortunately, all he could gather for the club were a bunch of misfitsÖtalented misfits as Will soon learns; misfits that may bring the school glory at this yearís sectionals.

            The story was cute and quirky, but it was the music of Glee I fell in love with.  In fact, the moment I knew I was hooked was when Matthew Morrison and his students performed Gold Digger by Kanye West.  Of course, itís a clean version of the song, but an extremely well done version featuring a solo by the incredible Amber Riley.  It was after I was wowed by that performance that I couldnít wait to see and hear more.  Happily, the entire season was filled with performances of songs of today mixed with popular songs of the past.

            There was a time when you could only download these performances on iTunes, but now, thanks to Columbia Records, you can own Glee: The Music: Season 1, Volume 1 featuring seventeen songs from the first season of this top rated series.  The album features songs like Donít Stop Believiní, Canít Fight This Feeling, the aforementioned Gold Digger, Take a Bow, and more.  Each track features one or more members of the Glee Club on lead vocals and every track is an amazing new realization of hit songs you already know and love.

            Of course, I do have my favorites.  Gold Digger is definitely one of them and after hearing Mercedes (Amber Riley) bust out the beginning of that tune, I just knew she was destined for greatness.  So, itís no surprise that I would love Bust Your Windows and Hate On Me, songs that Amber Riley simply rocks!  Another favorite is Gleeís amazing ensemble cast rendition of Queenís Somebody to Love.  I always liked that song, but somehow Glee made it fresher and more alive.  And of course, who couldnít enjoy a fresh rendition of the Wicked song Defying Gravity as performed by Chris Colfer and Lea Michele.

            Favorites aside, I think the whole album is terrific and found myself singing along with every single track.  And once I heard the entire album, I simply had to hear it again!  Itís just that good!  Now, of course, the songs on the album are not complete remakes of each tune.  They are Glee Cast Versions - incredibly close, but enhanced.  If you are one of those folks who canít bear to hear a different interpretation of your favorite song, then this album is not for you.  But if youíre a fan of the television show, then you simply must get your hands on Glee: The Music: Season 1, Volume 1.  I, for one, canít wait to listen to the album again and, of course, get my hands on Volume 2 which contains even more songs from Season 1.


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