Glee: The Music: Season 1, Volume 2

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Columbia Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            So, the first season of Glee is over and what an enjoyable season it was.  Now I must wait until April for the show to come back.  But in the meantime, I can get my fix of Glee via the two recently released soundtracks.  I received the first soundtrack as a Christmas present and have listened to it numerous times since.  I recently purchased the Glee: The Music: Season 1: Volume 2 and I expect to listen to it just as much.

            Glee: The Music: Season 1: Volume 2 features seventeen songs from the second half of the season.  Songs include Proud Mary, Endless Love, Lean On Me, True Colors, Jump, And I Am Telling You Iím Not Going, two different versions of Smile and more.

            This album really goes a long way in showcasing each individual singer with a great many solo performances the strongest being Amber Rileyís versions of Donít Make Me Over and And I Am Telling You Iím Not Going Lea Michele does an excellent job on Crush and Donít Rain On My Parade (Barbara Streisand would be proud).  Even Jenna Ushkowitz receives the solo treatment with her version of True Colors.

            There are some terrific ensemble cast songs.  My favorites are Lean On Me, Imagine and You Canít Always Get What You Want, but the cast does a credible job on songs like My Life Would Suck Without You, Jump and Proud Mary (this one is a more enjoyable song when aided by the visuals of the cast performing in wheelchairs).

            Two songs I could do without feature Cory Monteith and Matthew Morrison Donít Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl is a mash-up song featuring vocals by Matthew Morrison.  Although Morrisonís vocals are perfect and this mash-up does much to show his range as a singer, Iím not a fan of mash-ups in general and I really dislike how they changed the lyrics of Young Girl to suit the moment in the television show.  Cory Monteith is featured as a solo singer in Iíll Stand By You and (Youíre) Having My Baby and although I like both songs, I hate how he performs them.  In my opinion, Monteith is just not as strong a singer as the rest of the cast and really shouldnít get much solo time.

            Despite these minor gripes, I still say that Glee: The Music: Season 1: Volume 2 is a truly enjoyable soundtrack and a great follow up to Volume 1.  I canít wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us!


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