Classic Rock / Blues

Gloria Nuti

A MySpace Find

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                About a month ago, I received a music link from a recording artist named Gloria Nuti.  What I heard was enough to get me to check out more of her music and, what do you know, I had yet another MySpace Find!

                Gloria Nuti is an Italian singer with lengthy experience on the music scene.  Having studied guitar, vocals and flute, Nuti began performing with local bands in the 1970s, finding moderate success with the band Axiandra (later AYX).  By 1981, she was performing solo, recording her debut album with RCA.  Though the album did well, Gloria Nuti soon realized that working with big name labels was an exhausting process.  She constantly had to fight the powers that be, always seeking to remake her into something she wasn't.  As Nuti emplains, "The major labels were like an old jacket that no longer fit.  I had to simply tear it off and make myself something new to wear."

                Now that she no longer is confined by the controlling force of a major label, Nuti finds herself free to express herself musically.  Her first independent album, Ricca Di Spirito, allows her to be herself, performing the music she wants to perform and allowing listeners to see the diversity of her vocal and instrumental talents.

                When I first set out to write this article, I struggled with the concept.  I truly enjoy Gloria Nuti's music, but all of the songs on her MySpace page are performed in Italian.  I have no idea what she is saying.  In talking the idea over with a friend, I explained, "I really want to write this review of musician/singer Gloria Nuti, but I'm not quite sure how to approach it.  Her bluesy rock vocals are great and the music is awesome, but I have no idea what she is saying, because I don't speak Italian.  She could be telling me to go <insert expletive> myself in a really talented singing voice for all I know." 

                My friend replied, "Why don't you just write that!"  I realized she was 100% correct.  If I can enjoy each and every song on Gloria Nuti's MySpace page, from rocking song to bluesy track, without understanding a word of the lyrics, that really says a great deal.  It says she could be singing an excerpt out of the encyclopedia and I would still enjoy listening to that voice.  The guitars are great, the percussion on the rocking tracks slamming, and that bluesy voice just draws you in. 

                With a classic rock meets blues style, Gloria Nuti is one of those artists you simply can't pass up and that makes her a terrific candidate for's MySpace Find feature article.


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