First Impressions


Aired on: FOX

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                When I first saw promotional ads for Gracepoint, I was intrigued at the storyline and the amount of well-known actors (David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Michael Peņa and Nick Nolte) attached to it.  I also found the fact that Gracepoint was being touted as a ten-part miniseries rather than a television series to be interesting.  The fact is, a miniseries doesn't have to hold anything back, whereas a regular television series must hold back on surprises so they can reveal them in later seasons.  All of the shocks in this series can be revealed now, without waiting for a second season.  Interesting. 

                Of course, with its 9pm EST Thursday time slot, Gracepoint was on against some shows I regularly watch.  Thank goodness for On Demand, allowing me to watch the premiere episode of Gracepoint on Saturday.

                A remake of the critically acclaimed British drama, Broadchurch, Gracepoint starts off with a shocking mystery.  Twelve-year-old Danny Solano's body has been found on the beach in Gracepoint and the death seems related to some act of foul play.  The Solano's didn't even know that Danny was missing, believing that he had left for school before they had woken up.  In fact, Danny's mother, Beth (Virginia Kull), actually showed up at his soccer game, only to discover that her son hadn't been to school or to his usual wildlife recording session.

                Assigned to the case are newly appointed Gracpeoint lead Detective Emmet Carver (David Tennant) and Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn), whose son Tom Miller (Jack Irvine) just happens to be Danny's best friend.  Detective Miller is just returning to work from maternity leave to find the job she coveted handed to a stranger with a shady history and a first case that is anything but neat and tidy.

                Gracepoint is a very small town and there are loads of secrets waiting to be uncovered, like where Danny's dad Mark (Michael Peņa) was the night before Danny's body was found, the positioning and possible weapon used to kill Danny, where Danny's skateboard disappeared to after he was seen on a surveillance camera with it the night he was murdered, and most importantly, who would want to kill a twelve year old boy?

                The drama of Gracepoint is incredibly intense.  What could be more shocking than the murder of someone so young?  And the way the episode opens, with Danny, seen crying, standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out over the water and then turning toward the camera.  At first, I even thought it might be a suicide.  The friend I watched Gracepoint with said that a suicide would be too easy, and I agreed, but there would still be a need to discover what could have sent Danny over the edge.  But the placement of the body and the blunt force trauma basically ruled out suicide.

                As you can see, I was having a lot of fun searching for clues alongside the detectives in Gracepoint and this is only the first episode.  I still have a lot of questions though, like why did Tom get rid of all of his text messages from Danny on his cellphone?  And why erase his C Drive on his computer?  Did the boys see something that caused Danny's death?  Was Tom somehow involved?  And what is the skeleton in Detective Carver's closet?  What has he been "exonerated" of?  Hmm!  Can't wait to find out for, as you probably have already guessed, I am already addicted to this well-written, well-acted mystery drama.  I will definitely be watching Gracepoint until the tenth and final episode airs!


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