Great Expectations

Written By: Charles Dickens

Story Adaptation By: Crystal S. Chan

Art By: NoKman Poon

Published By: Udon Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                I have been enjoying Udon Entertainment's Manga Classics for the past year now, having read The Scarlet Letter and Les Miserables.  I found both to be very entertaining and was delighted at the introduction to a classic I had never read before in Les Miserables.  I decided to check out another Manga Classic - Great Expectations.  This time, I had read the original book and just wanted to see whether the adaptation would be faithful or not.

                Charles Dickens' Great Expectations is about a young boy named Pip who has been living with his sister and her blacksmith husband in relative poverty since the death of his parents.  After unwittingly helping an escaped convict gain his freedom, Pip finds himself yearning for a better life - the life of a gentleman, never lacking for the finer things.  Suddenly, Pip discovers that he is about to live this dream.  A benefactor has decided to make Pip's dream a reality, but who is this mysterious benefactor and what price will Pip pay for his dream?

                Having recently read Great Expectations, I couldn't wait to check out the Manga Classics version.  I love the manga style of this adaptation.  It really brought the characters to life and gave me a nice visual to go along with what I had already imagined while reading the book.  The adaptation is quite true to the original, with the exception of the actual writing.  If any of you have read Dickens before, you know how difficult it may be for some to absorb his flowery style and his old English verbiage.  Manga Classics: Great Expectations makes for an easier read, using a less flowery style to get the words across.

                And quite honestly, that's what makes Manga Classics: Great Expectations such a great way to introduce Dickens to kids and individuals who have difficulties with comprehension of Dickens' writing style.  This adaptation is written in plain English and, combined with the terrific manga artwork, makes Dickens' work much easier to understand and therefore, that much more compelling of a read. 

                Once again, Udon Entertainment has impressed me with a new look at an old classic.  I would definitely recommend Manga Classics: Great Expectations to anyone who has ever wanted to read the original book but was daunted by Dickens' writing style and to every parent out there who wants to introduce the classics to their child.



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