Green Lantern: First Flight

Composed By: Robert J. Kral

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I have always been a fan of the Green Lantern comic book series.  My introduction to the Green Lantern began in the late 1970s on the Saturday morning cartoon series, The Super Friends.  Seeing Hal Jordan in action, flying around with that green and black suit and sporting a green lantern and a ring that could pretty much create any weapon he needed, was simply too cool.  I started reading older Justice League comics in an effort to find more Hal Jordan adventures.  Things eventually changed as the Green Lantern story progressed and others were chosen to wear the ring, but one thing would remain the same - Hal Jordan will always be my favorite Green Lantern. 

            Thus, I was thrilled to receive a soundtrack for an animated film that details Hal Jordanís recruitment to the Green Lantern CorpsGreen Lantern: First Flight tells the tale of test pilot Hal Jordanís recruitment and training under senior Lantern Sinestro.  Discovering that his mentor has forsaken the beliefs of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal must use his newfound powers to combat the treasonous actions of Sinestro and his followers before the corps and all it stands for is destroyed.

            Australian composer Robert J. Kral was chosen to create the musical score for Green Lantern: First Flight.  Kral has created numerous soundtracks involving the centralized theme of good versus evil, including five seasons of Angel, The Dresden Files and Jake 2.0.  Kral is also no stranger to creating musical scores for animated productions, having composed score for Batman: Gotham Knight and having created the entire musical score for Superman: Doomsday.

            Based upon the music found on the Green Lantern: First Flight Soundtrack, I have to believe that the movie is filled with action.  From the Main Title, I can tell that this was to be a rather unique soundtrack for an animated Warner Bros. film.  The soundtrack is action-based, with heroic fanfare and fast-moving tracks.  At the beginning, the tracks are mixed with techno sound, giving the music a dance track sort of feel, especially in Track 4, Labellaís Club

            As the soundtrack moves forward, and more of Sinestroís dark machinations are revealed, we hear an angrier, more sinister (no pun intended) sort of sound.  The action feel is still there - the music is still fast-paced, but a harsher, angrier, sort of in-your-face sound is substituted for the heroic fanfare.  I can only describe it as a hammer striking a nail - the music flares out at you, hitting you squarely with a quick but emphatic smack.

            The Green Lantern: First Flight Soundtrack is definitely meant to pump up the adrenaline for the various scenes throughout the film, leading up to the ultimate battle between Hal Jordan and his former mentor Sinestro, Ring Against Ring.  Although my favorite tracks contain techno sounds mixed in, the whole soundtrack is rather invigorating.  Hearing this soundtrack has inspired me to check out the film, as any great soundtrack should do.  Iím off to rent the straight to DVD adventure thanks to having listened to Robert J. Kralís  adrenaline-pumping composition on the Green Lantern: First Flight Soundtrack.


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