Holiday Movie

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

Aired On: Lifetime Channel

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                So, we had just completed the holiday tradition of putting up the Christmas tree and decorations.  Exhausted, we found ourselves seated in front of the television and, in the holiday spirit, were looking for a holiday special to watch.  Oh, look, a movie featuring one of our favorite internet sensations, Grumpy Cat.  You would think the title Ė Grumpy Catís Worst Christmas Ever Ė might have clued us in on what was to come, but, no, we sat glued to the screen, unable to move thanks to an overload of tryptophan and holiday decorating.

                Grumpy Catís Worst Christmas Ever features Grumpy Cat (AKA: Tardar Sauce, thoughts vocalized by Aubrey Plaza) as a lonely pet shop kitty who has been returned twice and has decided that the pet shop will be her forever home.  She doesnít really care if folks dislike her grumpy disposition, she just wants to be left alone to relax in her comfy bed and stare into the world.  But, no, such bliss is not to be this Christmas.

                Itís bad enough that a million dollar dog named JoJo (Stephen Stanton) moves into the shop.  Incredibly conceited, JoJo relishes in all the attention a dog of his rare breed garnishes.  Even worse, he knows that he is the savior for the pet shop.  Business has been waning and proceeds from the sale of JoJo will save the shop from the landlord who has been looking to close it.

 But thatís not the worst part.  Chrystal (Megan Charpentier), a young girl who is having difficulty trusting people after her parentsí divorce and thus, is having difficulty making friends, throws a special Christmas coin into the mall fountain, wishing she could find a friend who really understands her.  Chrystalís wish is granted in a most peculiar way Ė while volunteering at the pet shop, Chrystal realizes she can understand everything that Grumpy Cat is saying, much to Grumpyís chagrin.

Things get really interesting when Chrystal sneaks into the pet shop after hours and is witness to a dog-napping.  Not one to allow the pet shop to go under, Chrystal decides she has to stop the dog-nappers at all cost...and that Grumpy Cat is going to go along for the ride.  And Grumpy doesn't even like dogs!

Okay, I'm not going to lie.  This movie was horrible.  Even Grumpy Cat wondered often why the audience was continuing to watch what she coined as "the worst Christmas movie ever."  And yet, I love that cat - such an adorable face, bright blue eyes and petite little body - who doesn't love Grumpy Cat?  But, though the kid and the cat are cute, the movie is downright silly and the acting just doesn't really cut it. 

Should you watch this movie?  Only if you enjoy looking at Grumpy Cat and her various interludes that appear throughout the movie in which she makes fun of the movie itself and a number of other things.  Otherwise, you can definitely skip Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever...especially if you aren't a cat lover!


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