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Hamburger Heaven

By Melissa Minners

            Who doesn't love a good hamburger?  One of the most versatile meals in the world, the hamburger can be made in a variety of ways, with any numbers of toppings and any numbers of sides.  The hamburger is a favorite of mine. I love a juicy burger cooked medium/well.  I'm an adventurous sort who loves to try burgers prepared in any number of ways.  For any regular burger, a diner is most often the best choice and there are some that I enjoy more than others, like the juicy buffalo burger at the Crosstown Diner, located at Bruckner Boulevard on the corner of East Tremont in Bronx, New York.  For cheeseburgers so juicy that you'll need a bunch of napkins to eat 'em, I go to Five Guys, known to serve "heaven on a bun" according to one Tampa newspaper.  For chili cheeseburgers and Swiss mushroom cheesburgers, there is no place better than the Longhorn Steakhouse.  But if you want some real variety, then I suggest Red Robin where you can get some of the most unique tasting burgers with some very interesting toppings.

            We thought it might be cool to ask some of our readers where they like to go to get a really good hamburger, what they like on their burgers and what they like to accompany them with.  Here’s what they had to say:

Kristy C.: “I am not personally the biggest red meat eater, but I do appreciate a good burger sometimes. Here are some of my fave places for burgers:

Bareburger: Astoria, Queens - roasted red peppers, avocado, lettuce and cheese.
Sweet Afton: Astoria, Queens - plain cheese is best!
Paul's Burger Place / Paul's Burger: Manhattan - soooo good.
Corner Bistro: Manhattan

I love a burger with avocado and LOTS of cheese.  Fried onions too! And of course, fries on the side - sweet potato, regular, or waffle fries.  Mainly waffle fries.  Burgers are best well done, in my opinion, with the cheese giving them the juices they need.”


Justine Manzano: “So...I'm not extremely adventurous with my burgers.  I generally go for the standard cheeseburger, although I have been known to use mozzarella instead of your standard American or Cheddar.

However, my favorite website for light food (being on Weight Watchers, this site is a necessity), www.hungry-girl.com has an amazing recipe for an Outside-In Cheeseburger (the recipe can be found at http://www.hungry-girl.com/newsletters/raw/1251) in which the cheese is on the inside. And boy is it awesome.

Of course, I love my burgers topped with ketchup, but I don't always eat with a bun. And naturally, french fries are a side-dish necessity!”


Yank2324: H B Burger in NYC has one of the best Steak Burgers going...me I am a plain girl with good fries...but Cheddar is my cheese of choice.  Ketchup and a little Mustard...a good ripe Jersey tomato...their Bison Burger is also amazing.”


Niki from Philly: “Five Guys Lil Burger (well done) with tomatoes, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, jalepeno peppers, green peppers, a lil hot sauce and A1 steak sauce...drooling just thinking about it.  Their fries are awesome, too, but I'd rather stuff myself with meat...most definitely the L.A. Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace, cooked well done & add bacon.  With a side of their sweet potato fries. *drools*”


Jaguarin: “I prefer a normal hamburger, with a decent piece of natural grilled meat - not the three floors ones - small, that let's you taste the mix of flavors: cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, green peppers and serrano pepper.  For me the secret of a good burger is the meat, the bread and the mustard, this last one is very important for me.”


Revmacd: “There is a place just outside Portland, Maine called Hoss and Mary's.  The have what they call "The Manimal" burger.  The Manimal is like a 54 ounce cheeseburger they serve with a giant 36 ounce chocolate frappe they call the "Mother Futcher" as it was invented by Mary's mom.  The Manimal has 8 burger patties.  If you eat it all and finish the frappe in 20 minutes your whole party eats for free.  I believe there have only been a half dozen or so to accomplish this wholly disgusting feat.  Still... I do love a challenge.”


S. O’Donovan: "As for the hamburger question I have always felt the typical diner cheeseburger is the best.  Sure they're greasy and likely to cause more break outs than a teenager gets on their face, but that's all part of the diner burger charm...Ketchup, raw onion and tomato."


Dorothy Doremus: “I like my hamburgers with cheese, ketchup, lettuce and tomato, mayo, and sometimes mustard.  When I go out for a burger I find the following restaurants serve some great burgers:  

Five Guys - I always order the little cheeseburger.

Red Robin - Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger

CheeBurger CheeBurger - Here, I’ll get the 1/3 lb hamburger with half onion rings and half fries.

Fuddruckers - I love the spicy hot cheese sauce for the fries.

White Rose System in Highland Park - They have a good cheeseburger - I always get it with no onions.”  

            And there you have it, just a few ideas about how to make the best burger and where to buy one.  A special thanks to all of those who contributed their favorites. Do you have a favorite we haven’t touched on in this article? Feel free to let us know on the message boards or via email and we’ll add them to the growing list of juicy, meaty goodness known as Hamburger Heaven!


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