Hammer of the Gods

Composed By: Benjamin Wallfisch

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The action adventure film Hammer of the Gods finds 871AD Viking King Bagsecg (James Cosmo) close to death with an enemy horde fast approaching.  His son, Steinar (Charlie Bewley) does not feel worthy of the throne.  Thus, at the behest of his father, he embarks on a journey to find his estranged brother Hakan (Elliot Cowan), a man long ago banished from his father's realm who is believed to be the key to defeating the horde.  Along the way, Steinar finds himself becoming the ruthless warrior his father has always dreamed he would become.  But will it be enough to save his father's throne?

                The musical score of Hammer of the Gods was created by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch who made his scoring debut at the age of twenty-four with the highly touted musical score for Dear Wendy.  Since then, he has created musical scores for such well-known films as The Escapist, Pride and Prejudice, V for Vendetta and more.  He is no stranger to action adventure films either, having composed the scores for Robin Hood and Conquest 1453.

                Having penned the musical scores for previous action adventure movies, Wallfisch knew that an action film soundtrack would have to be fast moving and hard-hitting.  Influenced by artists like the Prodigy and Skrillex, Wllfisch created a musical score that featured an industrial metal base, providing hte right mix of hard-hitting percussion and guitar riffs to keep the action scenes intense and exciting.  Exotic instruments find their way into the mix to express the Viking heritage as well as adventures into exotic lands.  The final battle scene is made even more intense through the addition of voices crying out, rising in crescendo as the battle continues.  The last track, Warrior, is a hard-hitting metal track with lyrics performed by Mary Leay and Tim Huston that appears to tie up everything in one neat package, celebrating the warrior Steinar has become.

                The Hammer of the Gods Soundtrack is one action-packed album guaranteed to provide the listener with an adrenaline overload.  This makes the music a perfect accompaniment to the film and a slamming stand alone album that any fan of industrial rock and metal can enjoy.  Bravo, Benjamin Wallfisch, you've done it again!


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