Hannah Montana Forever

Artist: Miley Cyrus

Produced by: Walt Disney Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            If you havenít heard of the Disney television, music and movie sensation that is Hannah Montana, youíve been hiding under a rock somewhere.  The series stars Miley Cyrus as Miley Stewart, normal high school girl by day, famous pop singer Hannah Montana by night.  Nobody by Mileyís close circle of family and friends knows about this dual identity.  The series began in 2006 and has spanned four years, a major success among viewers ages six to fourteen and reaching global proportions being televised in over 150 countries and in 30 different languages.  Its final season, dubbed Hannah Montana Forever, will complete its run this year and I have just received the Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack.

            Miley Cyrus has more than proven that she is crossover material, performing well in the pop, country and rock genres and often combining genres in her performances.  The Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack features eleven tracks of songs varying from pop to dance to rock to country.  The first track, Gonna Get This features Caribbean-based singer Iyaz and features a reggae/island feel.  Que Sera is quite a catchy pop number.  Ordinary Girl is a more serious song which shows just how similar Miley Cyrus is to the girl she portrays on the television series.  She wants to remind people that she may be a celebrity, but she is just a human who makes mistakes and likes to enjoy certain things just like any ordinary girl - ďlike you, like me.Ē  Kiss it Goodbye is a rock track, followed by the ballad, Iíll Always Remember You, my pick for this yearís graduation song.

            Need a Little Love is a duet featuring Sheryl Crow in which Miley Cyrus shows she can actually share the spotlight with other singers quite well, harmonizing perfectly with Crow.  Are You Ready is a clubbing song similar in nature to Party in the USA Love That Lets Go is a touching duet featuring Billy Ray Cyrus as a father who knows how to let his daughter know heís there and when its time to let go.  Iím Still Good is another upbeat rock/pop track.  Been Here All Along is yet another one of those really touching ballads that can be dedicated to friends as well as significant others.  Barefoot Cinderella is a love song with a pop kick, reminiscent of the style of song you might find in one of those prince/princess Disney films.

            Iíve enjoyed Miley Cyrusí music in the past, some more than others, but I was surprised to discover that I actually enjoyed every single song on the Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack.  I loved the variety, which served to show Miley Cyrusí range as a singer.  The album showed a great deal of diversity both in the genre of the songs and in the depth of meaning.  Some of the songs were meant to be fun, while others held a deeper meaning for both the listeners and the singers themselves. 

            Yes, Iím an adult who begrudgingly admits that she truly enjoyed the soundtrack of a show created for kids ages six to fourteen.  That being said, if I enjoyed it, imagine how enjoyable the Hannah Montana Forever Soundtrack will be for fans of the show!  This soundtrack would make the perfect gift for your Hannah Montana fanatic and your everyday Miley Cyrus fan.


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