Non-Fiction / Supernatural



The Haunted Series

Written by: Michael Norman and Beth Scott

Published By: TOR

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            If you really like ghost stories, and I know you do, then I have some books for you.  Michael Norman and Beth Scott are old pros when it comes to writing about ghosts.  Their books – Historic Haunted America, Haunted Heritage and Haunted Heartland – provide some of the best ghost stories out there.  Norman and Scott are meticulous in their storytelling of tales from all over the country.  I have to warn you, you might want to sleep with the lights on after reading some of the chapters in these books.  The tales are scary and I would probably not recommend them to a child under the age of fourteen.  They are told from the stories and legends passed down to the authors from the source.  The series is really designed to tell the tales and doesn’t try to investigate the information behind the folklore.  After all, sometimes it’s just nice to listen to a frightening story.

            The books are written so each section of tales is broken down by state.  For example, if I wanted to only read stories that took place in New York, I could just skip to that chapter first.  I recommend that you don’t skip around at all.  I really don’t think there is a bad tale in any of these books.  The chapters are detailed and give the tale its due, so you are getting the meat and potatoes of the story.  There are vast tales of grey ladies, ghostly luminaries and cemeteries where the dead are very much active.  Most of the stories are eyewitness accounts of actual events and not just a fable passed down the line.  The genuine telling of the story makes it all the more intriguing and fun to read.  All of these books are with the idea that readers enjoy reading true ghost stories without all of the Hollywood special effects.  Some of my favorite stories are Resurrection Mary, Lincoln and the Supernatural, The Witch of the French Opera, The Hill, The Mysterious Outer Banks and The Eternal Wanderers.

            I hope you check out The Haunted Series by Michael Norman and Beth Scott.  You won’t be disappointed…just in need of a nightlight when you’re through.


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