Turn Back the Clock

Heavy Metal 2000

Distributed By: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Having watched Heavy Metal again made me want to watch Heavy Metal 2000.  I had always thought Heavy Metal 2000 the better film of the two.  Now, having watched it again, I'm not so sure.

                The film begins in an asteroid field where an excavation company is mining for some unexplained resource.  What they end up finding is a green crystal and, no one knows it yet, but the crystal will eventually be the mining crew's undoing.  Crew member Tyler (Michael Ironside) becomes obsessed with the crystal, especially after he realizes that it is the key to the fountain of immortality

                Taking over the ship, he sets out on a search for a very specific compound, the type of water contained in the fountain of immortality.  He comes across traces of it on what is supposed to be a F.A.K.K. (Federation Assigned Ketogenic Killzone) or dead planet.  Instead, he finds that this planet is very alive and the inhabitants of Eden, as they call it, contain traces of the compound in their bodies.  Tyler and his crew attack the planet, taking prisoners and leaving the rest for dead.

                One such survivor, Julie (Julie Strain Eastman), wants revenge for what Tyler and crew have done to Eden, especially after her father gave his life to try and fight off the invaders and her sister (Sonja Ball) is presumed to have been killed during the fray.  Coming across an abandoned crew member named Germaine (Pier Paquette), Julie uses him to hunt down Tyler and stop him from finding the immortality fountain.  She is further aided in her quest by a group of fountain guardians, but there is a traitor (Billy Idol) among them, one who would have the fountain of immortality for himself.

                When I previously watched Heavy Metal 2000, I believe I liked it more than the original Heavy Metal because it contained one cohesive story.  The original Heavy Metal was an anthology of tales woven together by a single green orb.  Now that I am a more mature movie fan, I see the genius behind the original film's anthology styling.  That's not to say that I didn't enjoy Heavy Metal 2000.  I just like the original film more.  I love the fact that the green evil glowy thing is still running the show here and ruining lives, but this time it's more of a crystal than an orb...perhaps a fragment of what it once was.  The voice acting is not terrific, but the graphic artwork is awesome as is the soundtrack. 

                This time around, I watched the extra features on the DVD.  There aren't many and some aren't worth checking out like the Animation Tests, Animatic Comparisons and Photo Gallery, but I did enjoy watching the Voice Talent Featurette, though I wish they had shown more than just the major three voice actors in the film.  I also enjoyed the Julie Strain, Super Goddess Featurette which delved into the life and career of the model and B-movie action chick.

                So, to sum things up, Heavy Metal 2000 is an entertaining watch...for adults only as this film contains nudity, violence and some rather nasty language.  But, if I had to choose between the two, I would rather watch the original Heavy Metal - a pioneer of its time and worthy of the title of Film Cult Classic.


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