Henry Poole Is Here

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When Henry Poole (Luke Wilson) discovers that he is dying, he decides he needs a change of venue.  So he leaves…everything – his job, his fiancé, his overbearing mother - and moves to the suburbs to live out the rest of his days in peace.  Unfortunately, Henry’s neighbors, believing that a strange watermark seen on the side of his home is actually the face of Christ, won’t leave Henry alone.  Is the watermark the sign of a bad stucco job, or can it truly represent a miracle in the making and if so, will it help Henry overcome his strange malady?

            The soundtrack of Henry Poole Is Here contains music from various artists including Ron Irizarry, Eels, The Bravery, Badly Drawn Boy and more.  The soundtrack starts off with a track specifically written for the movie.  Henry Poole Is Here by Ron Irizarry is an uplifting song which reminds us that nothing is impossible if we believe.  The thirteen tracks that follow are mostly alternative music, considered by those who listen to 102.7FM in New York to be the “new light music.”  I found myself tapping my feet, playing air drums, guitar and piano and sometimes singing along with the songs.

            My favorite tracks are the title track and I’m Not Who I Was by Brandon Heath, both songs with lyrics that have specific meaning to the movie.  Brandon Heath’s song may be the poignant of the movie, showing a much changed Henry Poole: “I wish you could see me now / I wish I could show you how / I'm not who I was / I used to be mad at you / A little on the hurt side too / But I'm not who I was.”  Those two songs may have been the best ones on the soundtrack, but I would have to say that the entire soundtrack is fairly enjoyable with great guitars, soothing keyboards and catchy beats.  All Roads Lead Home by Golden State will certainly attract the attention of U2 fans – the band has U2’s sound down pat.  The only song I would urge listeners to stay away from is Devil’s Arcade.  This is a remake of a Springsteen song as performed by Michael Dickies – simply horrible. 

            All-in-all, I would have to say that the Henry Poole Is Here Soundtrack was an enjoyable music experience.  I expect to be hearing some of the music from this film on 102.7 FM any day now.  I also fully expect that any song played on that station will be requested several times afterward and something new and highly enjoyable.  Check out the Henry Poole Is Here Soundtrack today – you won’t be disappointed.


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