High School Salute

A Tribute to American Marching Bands

Music Performed By: The Band of the Blues and Royals

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I have always had great respect for members of marching bands.  I played drums in junior high and high school band classes, but sitting stationary behind a snare or bass drum is on thing.  Marching around while playing these instruments is quite another.  Thatís why when I received High School Salute: A Tribute to American Marching Bands, I couldnít wait to give the CD a listen.

            The album features The Band of the Blues and Royals (Royal Horse Guards and 1st Dragoons), a British marching band with a history that dates back 350 years.  Known as Britainís worldwide cultural ambassadors, The Band of the Blues and Royals entertain thousands playing concerts all around the globe.

            High School Salute features songs you expect to hear from marching bands, such as The Final Countdown, Star Wars: A New Hope, Billie Jean, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Stars and Stripes Forever, Liberty Bell, Olympic Spirit and more.  But this album doesnít just contain the expected band fanfare.  It also includes The Blues and Royals take on contemporary music such as Stairway to Heaven, Sunshine of Your Life, Candyman, Your Song and Youíre Beautiful

            Although I thought the version of Your Song was rather lame, I found that I truly enjoyed High School Salute.  In fact, High School Salute is an album that improves with each track.  The album begins with some of the better known marching band music, moves on with some the contemporary stuff and then makes a big finish with the more popular marching band music of the day.

            Had anyone been watching me listen to this CD, they probably would have thought me insane as I air conducted my marching band and performed various instruments.  I had a great deal of fun listening to High School Salute and I venture to say that every marching band aficionado will enjoy the album just as much as I did.  I enjoyed High School Salute so much that Iím hoping a sequel album is not long in the making.  Check out High School Salute: A Tribute to American Marching Bands at your local music store today - you wonít be disappointed!


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