Hoodwinked Too! Soundtrack and Original Score

Songs By: Various Artists

Music Composed By: Murray Gold

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            I saw Hoodwinked and thought it was a hilarious new age interpretation of the classic Red Riding Hood tale.  So, when a sequel was announced, I was excited.  When I received both the Hoodwinked Too! Soundtrack and Original Score, I was ecstatic.

            Hoodwinked Too! picks up some time after the original film and the creation of the Happily Ever After Agency, run by former police detective Nicky Flippers.  Red has been training with a covert group known as the Sisters of the Hood.  Upon completion of her training, she is sent out on a mission for the agency - to investigate the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.  You can’t imagine what the makers of Hoodwinked Too! are about to do to this fairytale…or can you?!

            The musical score of Hoodwinked Too! was created by Murray Gold, the creative force behind the musical score of the Doctor Who television series.  The music he creates for this film has a distinct ‘70s detective-noir jazz style, an excellent choice in music considering the fact that Red and her friends work for a detective agency.  The music has a campy feel, reminding us that this is a comedic take on time honored fairytales.  I loved the jazzy dance feel of the Hoodwinked Hop and couldn’t help but laugh at the yodel-filled Song of Kirk.  Gold made sure to include some action pieces in there as well, rounding things off to the score.

            The musical score was enjoyable, but it is the Hoodwinked Too! Soundtrack that makes the movie.  Featuring songs by members of the cast like Hayden Panetierre and Wayne Newton, as well as songs by Lavay Cole and Andrea Remanda, Dan Myers, Theo Bleckman and Ceej, this soundtrack is a whole lot of fun.  There is an excellent variety of genres featured on Hoodwinked Too! with jazz, swing, pop and hip-hop well represented.  My favorites included the swinging love song Living In a Fairytale (With You) as performed by Dan Myers; Inseparable, a song of friendship and inspiration sung by Hayden Panettiere (who knew she had such a good voice); I Can Do It Alone, another inspiring song by Hayden Panettiere; and Little Squirrel (Forage for Your Love) a hilarious love song to a squirrel complete with a Barry White opening and performed by Dan Myers.  The only song I could have done without was Kung Fu Fighting by Theo Bleckman, which had a distinct Kirk the Woodsman feel to it.

            While I enjoyed listening to the Hoodwinked Too! Musical Score, it was the Hoodwinked Too! Soundtrack that I listened to again and again and had the most fun with.  Both will thrill lovers of jazz and swing and both make great additions to my movie soundtrack collection.  Check them out - especially the soundtrack - you won’t be disappointed!


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