Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks

Artist: The Swear

Distributed by: Archenland Music (BMI)

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Some time ago, I had the good fortune of listening to a six-track EP called Every Trick’s A Good One.  The EP was produced by The Swear, a rock band out of Atlanta, Georgia with a rather distinctive sound.  Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Elizabeth Elkins struck me as a dynamic force to be reckoned with in the music industry.  Backed up by guitarist Jeremy Zamora, bass guitarist Kevin Williams, and drummer Kent Aberle, I believed that The Swear would be a lasting force in the music industry.  With music by The Swear appearing on television shows such as Smallville (The WB), Roswell (The WB), Reunion (FOX), Life As We Know It (ABC), Wanted (TNT), and Outward Bound (The Discovery Channel), I knew this band was going places.

            When I received The Swear’s new album, Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks, I couldn’t wait to take a listen.  Taking a peak inside the booklet that comes with the CD, I have to admit I was a little worried.  Here was lead singer Elizabeth Elkins sporting a very Avril Levigne-like look.  Now, we all know that Avril tries damn hard to be a rocker, but I feel she falls a tad short of true rock, heading into the alternative rock zone.  Elkins was a true rocker, so I wondered if this look represented a change in The Swear’s music.  I needn’t have worried one bit.  Armed with new drummer Jerod Snider, The Swear is still every bit of the rocking band I remembered from Every Trick’s A Good One.

            Elizabeth Elkins’ vocals are as strong as ever on Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks and the lyrics written by Elkins and Zamora are just as powerful.  Once again, the lyrics tell a story.  This album is a bit dark, the tales told by each song are mostly hard-hitting.  Listening to the very first track, Vampire, I knew I was going to enjoy this album.  Here were the rocking beats and guitars, clear and strong vocals and expressive lyrics that had drawn me to the band in the first place.  Although I loved every song on the album, my favorite has to be Always Wasted which actually features the soundtrack’s title within the lyrics: “..Wishing you were far away / a street fair that will never stay / hotel rooms and heart attacks / I won’t be back / You find a way to leave / every time I need you…”  The song tells the story of a broken lover who finds comfort and escape from his painful life in the use of drugs and the woman who can no longer stand by and watch him destroy himself and their relationship.

            The Swear is definitely sticking to the path they started on and it seems like they only get better with time.  Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks is already receiving terrific feedback throughout the industry.  The sixth track, Deadfall, has already found its way into television shows such as My Super Sweet 16 and Parental Control.  I have no doubt that more music from the album will find its way onto the television airwaves.  What I can’t understand is why this music is not being played by mainstream stations nationwide.  The Swear definitely deserves some airtime on music stations like K-Rock in New York.  Instead of playing music from tired bands with an old sound, let’s hear from newer artists with a fresh rock attitude!  Check out Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks by The Swear today!  Then contact your local rock stations and ask why they aren’t playing music from The Swear!


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