How to Fight in Six Inch Heels

Composed By: Christopher Wong

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the Vietnamese romantic comedy, How to Fight in Six Inch Heels, Kathy Uyen is Anne, a nervous fashion designer from New York City.  When she discovers that her fiancÚ in Vietnam may be cheating on her with a supermodel, Anne undergoes a drastic makeover to infiltrate the Saigon modeling scene.  Her bond with three supermodels leads her to realize that the life of a supermodel is less glitz and glamour than we are led to believe.

                The musical score of How to Fight in Six Inch Heels was created by Christopher Wong.  Until he met renowned composer Jerry Goldsmith, Christopher Wong had considered composing mainly concert music.  He was encouraged to pursue a career in film scoring by Goldsmith and since then, he has created the musical scores of Journey from the Fall, Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass and The Rebel.

                The How to Fight in Six Inch Heels Soundtrack features a fun score, perfect for the comedic styling of the film.  A contemporary score mixing orchestral with electric sound, the score begins in an upbeat comedic tempo with quirky notes.  But tracks like A Bumpy Ride and In Pursuit offer up a fast-paced rock sound complete with awesome guitar riffs.  Tracks like We'll Be Together Soon and The Ring feature mainly softer, more romantic piano tones, but The Ring segues into comedic score by the end.

                All in all, the How to Fight in Six Inch Heels Soundtrack is a quick, upbeat and fun listen, featuring short and fast-paced tracks that are highly enjoyable.  Another great musical score by Christopher Wong!


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