The Human Race

Composed By: Marinho Nobre

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The Human Race is a horror film with a very familiar premise.  That doesn't make the movie any less sick though.  Eighty people awaken to find themselves in a strange institutional setting.  A voice tells them that they are in a race, but not just any race.  There are very specific rules in the race and breaking them has an ultimate price.  As the number of racers dwindle down, paranoia begins to take hold.  After all, they have been assured...only one can survive.

The musical score of The Human Race was created by Brazilian composer Marinho Nobre.  Learning to play guitar at the age of twelve, he began studying jazz guitar, eventually performing at concerts and with local bands.  By the age of twenty, Nobre relocated to New York, where he worked as a musical producer, furthering his love for musical composition.  Studying composition and orchestral conducting nights at Julliard, he eventually went on to score music for Al Qarem, Sacred Game and Left for Dead.

The Human Race score features a mix of your average orchestral string section and industrial rock, complete with dark and dangerous sounding guitar riffs and scary electronic sounds.  One of my favorite tracks, Run!, features a fast paced electronic sound allowing you to picture the scenery flying past you as you run for your life from an unknown predator, never focusing on anything for too long for fear that it will cause you to slow down, bringing about your death.  This feeling of running full tilt can be found on numerous tracks in the album, usually in between quieter, spooky tracks, adding to the feeling of tension followed by extreme action.

The Human Race Soundtrack is an excellent listen for any fans of industrial rock.  The genre lends itself perfectly to the horror scene and Marinho Nobre uses it perfectly in describing the dangers of the race as well as the fear and horror of its participants.  Kudos on a job well done.


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