Huntress: Cry for Blood

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artists: Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty

Distributed By: DC Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Someone is killing off members of the mafia in Gotham and Huntress is the prime suspect.  Helena Bertinelli, aka: Huntress, is denying having anything to do with the murders, despite the fact that her trademark crossbow arrow has been found at each of the crime scenes.  Now, Batman is tracking her every move, ready to pounce as soon as he has enough proof to connect her with the murders.  Can Huntress clear her name or will she become the next victim in this assassination plot?

            Huntress: Cry for Blood is a trade paperback that compiles issues 1-6 of the Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood comic book miniseries.  It features the writing talents of Greg Rucka and the artwork of Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty.  The minute I saw this one in the book store, I knew I had to have it.  After all, it features one of my favorite heroines from one of my favorite comic books, Birds of Prey.  And this is definitely a great one to get a hold of – it tells you the true background story behind how Helena Bertinelli became the Huntress.  I absolutely love origin stories and this one is very well done.  Besides the appearances by Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Oracle, Huntress: Cry for Blood also features the philosophical crime fighter Vic Sage, otherwise known as The Question.  With the help of his sensei, Richard Dragon, Sage aides Huntress in regaining her focus as she tracks down the mafia murderer.

            Greg Rucka weaves us a tale of a young girl, sole survivor of a mafia hit on her family and her struggle to both stay alive and find a way to exact revenge.  The tale takes a decidedly wicked twist as we learn the truth reason behind the murder of the Bertinelli family and the reason Helena, out of all the Bertinellis, was spared.  I was almost as angry as Helena to discover the truth…I don’t want to give it away, so I won’t give any details.  Rest assured, you will probably be rather shocked – I know I was.

            The artwork in Huntress: Cry for Blood was very well-done.  I loved the coloring used to denote flashback scenes – nice touch.  My only complaint is that sometimes the different members of the mafia family tended to look too much like each other.  Sometimes there was some difficulty in differentiating one family member from another.

            For the price of $13.00US, Huntress: Cry for Blood is a terrific bargain.  For that price you receive over 130 pages of engaging storyline and great artwork.  I was very happy with my purchase.  This trade paperback is a must read for any Huntress fan.


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