Badseed's Bottomline Supplemental #18

Missy Hyatt: First Lady of Wrestling

Published by: ECW Press

Written By:Missy Hyatt with Charles Salzberg and Mark Goldblatt

By Badseed

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   I remember when I decided the WWF was not all there was for me. I found another channel with wrestling shows on it and it was here that I discovered the NWA, World Class Championship Wrestling, the UWF and Missy Hyatt. While I had seen women in wrestling before, I had never seen anyone like Missy Hyatt. She was every man's fantasy. I had a picture of her on my wall and I followed her career from World Class to the UWF to WCW, to ECW and even into the Independent Leagues like USA Pro Wrestling where I was able to work with her on a couple of shows. Now, she has a book that no fan of hers should be without.

     Missy Hyatt's book is a very interesting read. Starting with a moment from her ECW days, this book grabs the readers attention and lets them know that this is a book that will definitely not pull any punches when discussing the wrestling world. Hyatt discusses everything from her real life feuds with certain other lady wrestling personalities to the sexual escapades she has had with such wrestlers as Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Tom Prichard, Val Venis, Road Warrior Hawk the legendary "Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert," and sadly many others. She even discusses drug use in wrestling, how a blade job is performed and how certain moves are executed in the ring. This is not a book designed to protect the wrestling industry.

     I read this book in a weekend; I couldn't put it down and I enjoyed it a lot for what it was. Inside, readers get a look at how Missy, then Melissa, first started into the wrestling industry, feeling a passion for The Freebirds' theatrics, becoming a wrestling groupie and then getting her first big break thanks to Fritz Von Erich, who was revolutionizing the sport before Vince McMahon knew what a hot valet was. Afterwards, the rest was history. Missy Hyatt, the high maintenance snob was born and wrestling fans could not get enough.

     Hyatt quickly rose from just a valet of John Tatum's in World Class to the head of Hot Stuff and Hyatt International in the UWF. It was here, that even Vince McMahon took notice and offered her a position in the WWF as host of Missy's Manor, which didn't last long. Missy Hyatt learned the ropes of how to become a successful star in wrestling and use body language to tell a story. Hyatt was a star on the rise and did not tone down her act for independent promotions. Rising through the UWF into the WWF, she saw that she was going nowhere and quickly went back to the independent scene of the USWA and CWF before becoming a huge part of WCW where she was involved in angels with The Steiners, Eddie Gilbert and Great Muta, Ric Flair and the WCW Tag-Team Champions, The Nasty Boys. Yes, she even made her image work, while working with the Nasty Boys. In ECW, Hyatt showed off her extreme side and in the independent scene, Hyatt continued to garner attention, before deciding to take it easy, work fewer bookings and finish obtaining an undergraduate degree in psychology at Marymount. She is also the head of the semi-porn with Sunny, but she never mentions the site or why she went in this direction at all.

     For this and other reasons, I was left disappointed, because I felt there could have been a lot more in this book. She was in wrestling for 15 years and all she gave us was 160+ pages. There are a lot of holes and a lot of chronology disparities. I want to know more about how she felt working in the same federation with Gilbert's next wrestling wife, Medusa. I mean Tom Zenk said that Brian Pillman, Missy and himself were the best tag-team under the blanket, but she never touches that at all. We get cool moments where she meets a young Paul E. and we get some juicy tales of her hatred for Eric Bischoff and how she filed suit against WCW, but I keep stressing that 160+ pages is too short for a 15-year career. We need more.

     Still, this is a fun read. I love all the pictures inside the book, which made the book worth its price alone. In addition, I truly found the moments where she talks about her late ex-husband Eddie Gilbert to be truly emotional and honest. I also thought the whole Jason Hervey romance was a complete joke, but she really seemed to like the guy for some odd reason. However, the only real shocking story besides how she and Gilbert cheated on each other and who she had sex with was that former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly was the inspiration for Missy Elliot's One Minute Man song. Who knew?

     Anyway, I hope there is a sequel of some sorts to plug any holes. Until then, I truly encourage wrestling fans to pick this one up. It is a lot of fun and it offers readers a glimpse at a sexier side of wrestling. If you think Sable's cover to Playboy was hot, read about the woman who helped pave her way. Wrestling has had a lot of hot women, but there is only one first lady of wrestling and that's Missy Hyatt.


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