I Am Wrath

Composed By: Haim Mazar

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the dramatic action film, I Am Wrath, John Travolta stars as Stanley Hill, a former Black Ops agent who witnesses the brutal murder of his wife (Rebecca DeMornay).  When a group of corrupt police officers assigned to the case are unable to put the killer away, Hill uses the skills he honed as a special ops agent to take revenge on all those involved in his wife’s murder.

                The musical score of I Am Wrath was created by Haim Mazar, a composer born in the United States, raised in Israel and based in Hollywood.  A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Mazar worked as a session musician, music producer and arranger prior to moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film scoring.  Best known for his score for The Iceman, Mazar had created musical score for Out of the Village, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Wayward Nation, Jon and Jen are Married, Teen Mom, We Who Remain, Chrisley Knows Best and more.

                The I Am Wrath Soundtrack features mainly electric guitars, synths and percussion with piano and strings showing up here and there in the score.  According to the composer, “It was important for the music to follow Stanley’s journey and to support both sides of his character as we uncover his secret past.  The score features electric and processed guitars combined with heavy percussion and sound design tension beds to reflect Stanley’s bad-ass character as a trained assassin tracking down his wife Vivian’s killers with the help of his old buddy Dennis (Christopher Meloni). The score also needed to reflect Stanley’s softer side as a loving father and a mourning husband so director Chuck Russell and I decided to represent that by using strings and piano combined with ethereal vocal solos that echo Stan’s late wife and his feelings for her.”

                The pianos and strings present the softer, gentler tone of Stanley Hill as the loving husband and father.  Edgy rock music featuring electric guitar riffs and percussion cranks the adrenaline up high for moments in which Hill shows off his skill as a brutal assassin.  Synths provide ominous sounds for darker moments and high pitched strings preclude those action moments and reveals.

                The I Am Wrath Soundtrack is a high-powered adrenaline pumping score well suited for the film it was created for.  I have no doubt that the score matches up perfectly with the film’s visuals, but this score- works perfectly as a standalone album as well.  Definitely worth the listen.


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