Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas

Produced By:  20th Century Fox

First Aired on FOX

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I had never seen the popular Ice Age animated films before.  The promos for them looked cute, but I didn't have enough interest in the films to see them in the theaters and little time to rent them once they came to video.  So, when FOX network announced a new Ice Age Christmas Special would be airing on Thanksgiving Day, I was going to skip it.  And then I saw the promos and couldn't help but laugh.  Thus, Thanksgiving Day found me stuffed and seated on the couch in front of the TV in preparation to watch Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas.

            Back in the Ice Age, there was no such thing as a Christmas tree.  Instead, there was something known as a Christmas rock, a huge polished boulder that was supposed to be strategically placed in an effort to get Santa to deliver his gifts to that spot.  Manny the Woolly Mammoth (Ray Romano) just knew that Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) would find a way to ruin Christmas and he was right.  In his clumsiness, Sid breaks the Christmas rock, but inadvertently starts a new tradition - the Christmas tree.

            Unfortunately, this does not appease Manny, whose Christmas rock has just been destroyed.  He tells Sid that he is now on the Naughty List and Santa won't be delivering any toys to him this year.  Now, Manny was just improvising, as Naughty Lists didn't exist at that time, but Sid and the youngsters believe the list exists.  When Manny is caught telling his wife Ellie (Queen Latifah) that Santa is just for the youngsters, his daughter Peaches (Ciara Bravo) tells him he belongs on the Naughty List.

            Sid, Peaches and the Opposums, Crash and Eddie (Seann William Scott and Josh Peck) set off to find the North Pole and apologize to Santa.  Along the way, they meet Prancer (TJ Miller), a cocky flying reindeer who offers to take them to Santa's Workshop.  Meanwhile, Manny and Ellie are worried about Peaches and set off with saber-toothed tiger Diego (Denis Leary) to track the kids down.  Will Peaches and the gang find Santa and get Sid off of the Naughty List or will he give Santa a reason to invent one?

            I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire twenty-six minute special.  Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas is cute for little kids, teaching them the joys of Christmas and the virtues of family, sharing and coming together to help others.  However, this cartoon is just as much fun for adults, with hidden jokes that only adults will understand.  I had a lot of fun watching this special and wasn't surprised to discover that Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas would be available on DVD in a matter of days.  Having seen this holiday special has put me in the mood to see all of the Ice Age films I have missed.  What an enjoyable way to start off the Christmas season with a brand new holiday cartoon tradition!


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