I, Frankenstein

Songs By: By Maker and Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the graphic novel, I, Frankenstein is a fantasy action film starring Aaron Eckhart as Dr. Victor Frankensteinís (Aden Young) monstrous creation, Adam.  In 1795, Dr. Frankenstein rejected Adam, resulting in the death of Frankensteinís wife (Virginie Le Brun).  In a quest for revenge Victor follows Adam to the Arctic, but dies.  Adam buries his creator and is attacked by demons, but rescued by gargoyles.  The gargoyles (Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney) give Adam his name and ask him to join them in their battle against demons attempting to take control of the Earth.  Adam declines their offer, but eventually finds himself in the center of a battle for humanity.

                The I, Frankenstein Soundtrack features music by By Maker, the collaboration of Geno Lenardo and Daniel Davies created just for the film.  Geno Leonardo is best known for his work as a guitarist in the band rock band Filter.  Daniel Davies is a singer, songwriter and guitarist best known for his work in the rock band Year Long Disaster.  The duo created ten songs for the movie, including Misgiving which, according to Daniel Davies is ďabout the exile the monster experiences while looking at the lives of others, seeing their experiences from a distance and coming to terms with immortality and what his role is.Ē  By Maker is not the only group appearing on the I, Frankenstein Soundtrack, thereís 8mm who performs Scream Where My Heart Should Be, reflecting the monsterís anguish, and Justin Lassen who performs Feed Me More.

                The I, Frankenstein Soundtrack is a hard rocking experience perfect as background music for an action film of this caliber, blending meaningful lyrics that reflect Adamís emotional and physical experiences throughout the movie.  Itís also a great standalone album for hard rock fans out there.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album and found myself performing air guitar and beating imaginary drums in tune with the songs.  The I, Frankenstein Soundtrack is a rocking experience fans of the film are definitely going to want to get their hands on.


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