Imagination of Ourselves

Artist: Brian Huber

Produced by: Brian Huber

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I received Imagination of Ourselves from an artist named Brian Huber I was surprised.  I hadnít received any notification that an independent album was headed my way, but that wasnít surprising - I always welcome such experiences.  The surprise came in the way of the artistís name.  I knew this name, I just couldnít figure out where I knew it from.  Then I checked out Huberís website and it all became clear.  I had reviewed his music before, when he had supplied music and lyrics for the Washington, D.C. band known as Lucky Day.  I had enjoyed both of the bandís albums and was excited to check out this new offering, a solo performer from a talented guitarist/lyricist.

            Imagination of Ourselves was recorded in Brian Huberís apartment home studio.  In his promo material, Huber states, ďThereís something very liberating about recording a song in your boxers.Ē  This statement is somewhat indicative of the style of music to be found on the album.  This is a man who takes his music seriously, but can afford to take himself a little less so.  Thus, Huberís album is a mixture of serious songs and some tongue in cheek tracks.

            To prove this point, I submit Snuggies, the seventh track on the album.  Who else but someone completely at ease with themselves and confident in their musical abilities could come up with a song that is an ode to Americaís favorite ďAs Seen On T.V.Ē sales item.  The music is rocking and the lyrics are hysterical, but they are also catchy, causing me to have this song securely stuck in my head long after I have put the album away.  I will never be able to look at a Snuggie in the same way again.  Then there is Time Will Only Know, a song that expresses the sense of loss when someone walks out of your life and the hope that some day your paths will cross again - ďFor all the times / You made me laugh /  I hope someday you cross my path / Tell me will we ever meet again / Time will only know.Ē

            Through the variety of emotional styling found in Imagination of Ourselves, Brian Huber more than proves he can do funny as well as serious.  According to Huber, the album is a representation of his own heart - ďAs such it is sincere and sarcastic, imperfect but honest

            As for the music, Brian Huber had some help.  While he performed guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass, programming and some percussion, friends assisted in providing strings for the final track Yellowstone Lake, harmonicas for Shipwrecked Part 2, and additional background vocals.  Fans of Lucky Day may recognize the voice backing up Huber in the love song My Cure - thatís Victoria Patchen performing back-up vocals.

            With this album, Brian Huber was going for something with a British pop feel that inspired some thought at times, while at others just provided some good clean fun.  Well, the British pop feel is there.  The first thought that came to mind listening to the first track was The Beatles or something more modern like Oasis.  As for the sometimes thought-provoking and sometimes playful style - I loved every minute of it.  And I still canít get that song out of my head - ďSnuggie, Snuggie / Youíre more than a blanket to me / Give me access to my arms / In ways I could never dream.Ē  (Check out the Snuggies video at http://brianhubermusic.com/.)

            Alone, or in a band, Brian Huber has more than proven his musical talents to me.  His solo album, Imagination of Ourselves, is an eleven-track journey through the mind of a musician you wonít soon forget.


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