Imagine That

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Imagine That is a new comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Evan Danielson, a man so focused on his career that his relationship with his daughter, Olivia (Yara Shahidi), has become close to non-existent.  Unfortunately, his career is suffering as well thanks to a bitter rivalry for a promotional position, until he takes a trip through Olivia‘s imaginary world.  A whole world of resources is at Evan’s fingertips if he will just take the time to visit his inner child.

            The Imagine That Soundtrack, much like the soundtrack of I Am Sam, is basically a homage to The Beatles with versions of their music performed by various artists.  Artists such as Susanna Hoffs, Colbie Caillat, Landon Pigg, Tyler Hilton, Mikal Blue and more take a stab at songs that made the Beatles famous such as Got to Get You Into My Life, Here Comes the Sun, Nowhere Man, All You Need Is Love, I Want to Hold Your Hand and more.

            Being a huge fan of The Beatles, I couldn’t wait to listen to this soundtrack.  It is always interesting to listen to other artists’ interpretations of their music.  I was rather intrigued by The list of selected artists and found that I enjoyed most of their renditions of some of my favorite Beatles tunes.  Landon Pigg performs an excellent version of Nowhere Man and Colbie Caillat’s version of Here Comes the Sun was fresh and interesting.  Hope turns I Want to Hold Your Hand into a ballad rather than a pop love song, an interpretation I found to be daring and surprisingly enjoyable.

            It is unfortunate that only half of the tracks on this album actually made it into the film.  I found each and every one of the songs on the Imagine That Soundtrack to be interesting and enjoyable interpretations of Beatles music.  I couldn’t help but sing along with the tunes and, once I had listened to the last track on the album, I simply had to hear it again. 

            The Imagine That Soundtrack will enjoy a happy placement next to my other Beatles albums.  This is one soundtrack that Beatles fans with an open mind to interpretation will not want to miss.


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