Infamous Second Son

Composed By: Marc Canham, Nathan Johnson and Brain

Distributed by: Sumthing Else Music Works

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The new action/adventure video game Infamous Second Son is an origin story in the inFamous franchise featuring graffiti artist Delsin Rowe.  Delsin has recently discovered that he is a Conduit, a being who can channel superhuman powers.  Hunted by the Department of Unified Protection as a bio-terrorist, Delsin Rowe finds himself on the run, learning about his powers and gaining new ones along the way. 

                The musical score of Infamous Second Son was created through a collaboration of three composers: Marc Canham, Nathan Johnson and Brain.  British composer Marc Canham is no stranger to the video game genre having composed musical scores for the Driver series, Far Cry 2, Split/Second and The Secret World.  American composer, songwriter and producer Nathan Johnson became recognized in 2005 for the musical score of the movie Brick.  Since then, he has worked on a number of musical scores most notably for The Brothers Bloom, Looper and Don Jon.  Rock drummer Bryan "Brain" Mantia has played the drums for a number of famous bands including Primus, Guns N' Roses, Praxis and more. 

                The musical score of Infamous Second Son is a rocking experience featuring electric guitars, bass and percussion with industrial electronic sound mixed in.  Female vocals are sometimes also mixed in for effect.  The rock-laden score evokes the image of heavy action - car chases, fight scenes and superhuman powers in full effect.  Theme music for major characters in the game (Henry Daughtry, Brooke Augustine and Abigail Walker) slow things down a bit, but are placed perfectly in the album giving tracks like Double Crossed, The Call, Serial Tagger and Wavelength the opportunity to seriously pump up some adrenaline.

                There are many out there who aren't quite enthusiastic about the Infamous Second Son Soundtrack citing the fact that the three composers have differing styles that don't seem to mesh or that the music is just not right for them.  All I know is that I found the soundtrack to be highly enjoyable as a stand alone album and would love to see how it is utilized in game play.  One note of caution - listening to the Infamous Second Son Soundtrack is an adrenaline rush perfect for use during a workout session.  But I would caution against listening to it while driving as the music may induce the need for speed.


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