Romantic Comedy

In My Dreams

Produced By:  Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


Iíve watched dozens of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, some based on true stories, some romantic comedies, some dramatic tearjerkers.  Iíve enjoyed my experiences with Hallmark Hall of Fame films so far, so why wouldnít I watch the latest in the series, a romantic comedy called In My Dreams.

The movie stars Katherine McPhee as Natalie, owner of an Italian restaurant passed down through the family.  Natalieís business is struggling and her love life is non-existent.  Stopping at the Hayward Fountain, Natalie decides to make a wish.  Meanwhile, Nick (Mike Vogel), an architect whose love life was just fine until his girlfriend left him.  He arrives at the fountain at the same time and he, too, decides to make a wish. 

Legend has it that once youíve thrown a coin in the fountain, you will dream about your true love for seven nights, but neither Nick nor Natalie has any idea about that.  All they know is that they keep dreaming about each other despite having never met one another.  They instantly know that they are meant for one another, but if they donít find one another within seven days their dreams will never become a reality.

Sound stupid?!  Thatís because it is!  I tried to enjoy this Hallmark Hall of Fame film as much as I have others in the past, but I couldnít get past the dense premise of the film.  First, the two toss their coins at the same time on opposite sides of the fountain and the coins magically land on top of one another.  Then, they not only dream of one another, they share dreams of one another over a series of nights.  They become so infatuated with one another, they actually look forward to sleeping, primping before each bedtime.  Seriously?!

So with such a ridiculous and unbelievable premise, how could In My Dreams have won the night?  Well, what else is there to watch on Easter Sunday night?  Of course it would do well when nothing else is on!  Quite honestly, this has to be the worst entry into the Hallmark Hall of Fame and totally undeserving of the ďHall of FameĒ moniker.


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