In the Blood

Composed By: Paul Haslinger

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the action thriller In the Blood, former mixed martial arts contender Gina Carano is Ava, a happily married woman.  While on a vacation in the Caribbean, Ava's husband is involved in a zip line accident and disappears.  The local police aren't much help in finding him, so she sets off to hunt down the men she believes are responsible for her husband's disappearance.  If they thought they had nothing to fear from a woman, they'd better think again.

                The musical score of In the Blood was created by Paul Haslinger, former member of the German rock band Tangerine Dream.  This is not the first time that Haslinger has worked with In the Blood's director John Stockwell.  Since composing the score of Cheaters in the year 2000, the two have developed a creative relationship with Haslinger scoring a number of Stockwell's films, including Crazy/Beautiful, Blue Crush, Into the Blue and Turistas.  Haslinger has also created the film scores for all of the Underworld films, the television series The Girl Next Door and video games such as Sleeper Cell, Rainbow Six: Vegas and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

                The music of In the Blood features a heavy electric sound, combining strings with electric guitars, synthesizers, heavy percussion and ambient sound (like the sound of a digital timer counting down in No Esta Bien).  Ava's theme is softer than most of the tracks on the album and no one listening to that track would ever believe the badass action hero she is in this film.  Her theme appears a couple of times in the In the Blood Soundtrack, but it's the dramatic action tracks that make this album so exciting.

                In the Blood is an exciting, rocking soundtrack with a score that is perfect for the action/thriller genre and well worth the listen.  But be forewarned, listening to this soundtrack while driving may lead to a need for speed.


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