In This World

Composed By: Dario Marianelli

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The 2002 British docudrama, In This World, follows two young Afghan refugees as they take an illegal journey from their refugee camp in Pakistan to London in search of a better life.  The journey is filled with dangers as the two must deal with the underground, bribes and more to get to their destination. 

                The musical score of In This World was created by Italian composer Dario Marianelli.  After studying piano and composition in Florence and London, Marianelli attended the National Film and Television School in England.  He began his career in film composing in 1994 with the film Ailsa and has since created musical scores for such notable films as The Brothers Grimm, Pride & Prejudice, V for Vendetta, Atonement, Eat Pray Love, Jayne Eyre, Anna Karenina, The Boxtrolls, Everest and more.

                The soundtrack of In This World is orchestral with exotic instruments like the duduk and features authentic Middle Eastern folk songs.  According to Marianelli, Michael Winterbottom had an interesting idea, when he talked to me initially about In This World.  He wanted it to look as if it was a documentary, but at the same time, he wanted the sound of the movie to be as immersive and powerful as we could make it, and that included the music. I think his instinct proved right: it meant not being afraid to use a fairly large orchestra, and a score that tried to have a big resonant heart.

                The music begins in beauty and wonderment with an uplifting score that becomes more ominous and unsettling as the two embark on their dangerous journey.  The ominous and foreboding score eventually makes way to uplifting music as the score comes full circle.  The folk songs interspersed reminds the listener of the heritage and locale of the two travelers, while the score reveals their emotions along the journey.

                The In This World Soundtrack is perfect as background music that helps describe the locale and culture while still expressing the drama of the situation.  Fans of Middle Eastern music will enjoy the authentic folk songs included on the album.  I, for one, loved the music of the duduk and was happy to hear it co-mingled with violins and other orchestral instruments in the score.  The In This World Soundtrack is music worth checking out.


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