Into the Blue

Distributed By: Sony Pictures

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Jared, played by Paul Walker, is a scuba instructor living by the seat of his pants in the Bahamas.  At first glance, it would seem that he doesn’t have much.  He just got fired from his job and all he has left to his name is a scruffy dog and a leaky boat.  But Jared has dreams of becoming a salvager – an underwater treasure hunter.  His girlfriend, Sam (Jessica Alba), works at the local aquarium and is quite pleased with her life as it is, but Sam understands Jared’s dream and is thoroughly supportive. 

            Jared’s life takes a sudden turn when an old friend, Bryce (Scott Caan) comes to the island to visit.  A criminal defender, Bryce was offered a stay at the home of one of his more affluent clients.  Coming along for the ride is party girl, Amanda (Ashley Scott), who he met five days ago.  The quartet head out for deep water with Bryce’s client’s boat and go free diving.  They soon make some very interesting discoveries – a golden short sword believed to belong to the wreckage of the centuries lost ship, The Zephyr, and the remains of a plane wreck.  Inside the wrecked plane, the four discover that they’ve stumbled upon a drug transport plane with a cargo of millions of dollars worth of cocaine. 

            Jared wants to keep the discovery of the plane wreck a secret until they can formally stake a claim on the wreckage of The Zephyr.  However, it would appear that the drug lords, to whom the plane’s cargo belongs, have other plans.  What follows is an action-packed underwater adventure that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

            The beauty of the island scenery and the underwater wildlife make Into the Blue a visually stunning movie.  This is one of the first major motion pictures to explore free diving.  In free diving, swimmers venture into deep water without the use of scuba tanks.  According to Into The Blue's website, all of the actors were trained in free diving prior to filming the movie.  Perhaps that’s why the free diving scenes look so realistic. 

            Although the story arc is fairly predictable and the acting is nothing to rave about, Into the Blue is still worth a visit to the movie theater.  The predictability is largely due to the promotional trailers for the movie, which give away just a tad bit more than they should.  The characters are not incredibly deep and there is very little background given about any one of them, so the lackluster acting is understandable.  It’s readily apparent that the actors were chosen for their beauty, as many of their scenes were to be filmed in very little clothing.  However, unlike in many action films, the cast of Into the Blue are believable in their roles.  Scott Caan’s portrayal of sleazy lawyer, Bryce, is dead on.  In fact, by the end of the movie, the viewer is apt to want serious harm to come to the man.   

            Lovers of action films will find everything they ever wanted in Into the Blue.  The action doesn’t start right away, but once things get going, the viewer is taken on one hell of an adrenaline-filled ride.  There are underwater action scenes, fights, shootings, explosions, and even the obligatory car chase.  Even the scenes with Jared and Bryce having fun on borrowed Waverunners is enough to get the adrenaline pumping. 

            All-in-all, Into the Blue is an adrenaline rush complete with beautiful scenery and hot bodies – a movie worth checking out in the theaters.


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