Into the Storm

Composed By: Brian Tyler

Distributed by: Varese Sarabande Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the town of Silverton, Oklahoma, the local high school is in the midst of celebrating its graduating seniors when natural disaster hits.  While the entire town, including the vice-principal of the high school (Richard Armitage), a meteorologist (Sarah Wayne-Callies), a storm chaser (Matt Walsh), prepares for an average style tornado, explosions cause a firenado and an E5 strength monstrosity threatens to level the whole town.  Into the Storm is one of those films that uses the found footage concept to create a realistic feel to the supersized natural disaster storyline.

                The musical score of Into the Storm was created by American composer, arranger, producer, conductor, songwriter and musician Brian Tyler.  Having a musical family background with a grandmother who was a pianist and a major influence in his life, Tyler managed to teach himself to play thirty instruments, some as usual as piano, drums and guitar and others off the beaten path such as the charango and the bouzouki.  He began his scoring career shortly after graduating from Harvard, but his breakthrough came in 2001 with his score for Frailty.  Since then, Tyler has created musical scores for over sixty films and numerous television series.  Some examples of his work include Eagle Eye, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fast & Furious, Hawaii Five-O, Sleepy Hollow and more.

                Brian Tyler enjoyed the idea of the explosive storm that seems to appear from nowhere: "The idea was that an approaching storm is represented by the premise of being stalked in the savanna by a lion or tiger - primal, but patient. African flutes whistle in the far distance over completely still strings holding like a lion stalking, waiting patiently to strike. Then without warning, the power of the storm is upon you before you are even aware. This was a really fun and rewarding concept for me to compose.

                The resulting score features dramatic orchestral sound.  Rolling timpani drums represent the damaging force of the oncoming score.  Crashing cymbals express the destructive power, things crashing into each other in dramatic fashion as the winds pick up and tear the town apart.  Blasts from the brass section and fast-played strings offer up the sense of urgency and danger in the midst of the storm.  Quieter moments in the soundtrack represent the calm before the storm and while in the midst of the storm's eye.  It also shows moments in which the members of the town reflect on what is happening to them and, in fact, upon their own lives in the anticipation of the disaster heading their way.

                As I listened to the Into the Storm Soundtrack, I was drawn to finding out just what this film looked like.  Watching the trailer made me realize that Brian Tyler created the perfect score to go along with the over-the-top visuals of the film.  But, even as a stand alone album, the music paints the story of an oncoming raging storm with all the fear, danger and damaging force that comes with it.  The fact that this album works as both a stand alone storyteller and a perfect accompaniment to a disaster film makes the Into the Storm Soundtrack a must listen for any fan of film music!


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