Movie Soundtrack

Into The Wild

Composed by: Michael Brook

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Twenty-two years old and freshly graduated from college, Christopher McCandless walked away from a life of privilege and chose to go out into the wild in search of adventure.  Into the Wild is Sean Pennís screen adaptation of Jon Krakauer's bestseller based on the true story about a manís journey across country that began in Emory in 1990 and ended tragically in Alaska in 1992.

            The original motion picture score was composed by guitarist and composer Michael Brook.  As a composer, Brook created musical scores for such notable films as Heat, Albino Alligator and An Inconvenient Truth.  As a guitarist, Brook contributed to the soundtracks for Black Hawk Down, Mission: Impossible 2 and The Pledge.  Brook also has a number of albums as a solo artist.

            The original motion picture soundtrack of Into the Wild is a daunting 36 tracks.  Donít let that scare you off.  The fact of the matter is this soundtrack is one of the most enjoyable musical experiences I have ever had.  The album is filled with some beautifully relaxing guitar pieces.  Close your eyes and you can almost see Chris as he travels across America, taking in both the beauties and perils of nature Harmonicas, violins, banjos and other instruments are interspersed throughout to give the listener an idea of the goings on in the film.  Upbeat moments in the movie are underscored by rapid guitar or banjo playing.  In one track entitled Final Heartbeats, you can actually hear the fading heartbeats in the background.

            I must confess, I have a love for the acoustic guitar and perhaps this is why I love the musical score for Into the Wild.  The affect of the use of acoustic guitar throughout the soundtrack is such that it gives the listener a sense of peaceful tranquility one doesnít expect to find in a motion picture soundtrack.  The actual movie features this score plus songs by Eddie Vedder.  People who have seen the movie have told me that I would enjoy the tracks by Vedder as well, but Iím actually very satisfied with this version of the musical score available only at iTunes.  Download the Original Score of Into the Wild by Michael Brook now at iTunes!  You wonít be disappointed.



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