It's A Trap

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When the makers of Family Guy announced that they would be producing a spoof of Return of the Jedi, I wondered how good it would be.  Blue Harvest, their spoof of A New Hope was incredibly funny, but their sequel, Something, Something, Something Dark Side, although funny, was nowhere near the same caliber as the first spoof.  Could It’s A Trap! be worth the watch?

            Well, the creators of Family Guy seemed to worry about that, too.  In fact, the scroll at the beginning of the show features a funny diatribe in which the writers blame FOX for this third installment and how they themselves had wanted to scrap the idea, but were forced to continue by the network.  Basically, they are saying - if this sucks, blame FOX not us.  While that elicited a laugh from me, I began to worry if there wasn’t any truth in their jest.

            It’s A Trap! picks up right where Return of the Jedi begins with the droids heading off to Jabba’s Palace per Luke Skywalker’s (Seth Green) instructions.  I found it fairly funny that Jabba the Hutt’s (Patrick Warburton) face looked like that of Alec Baldwin.  I found Lois (Alex Borstein) in Princess Leia’s slave garb to be much funnier.  I also cracked up when I spotted Bin Laden in the Tatooine desert.  There were a few off color jokes from Darth Vader, aka: Stewie (Seth MacFarlane), and the Emperor (also Seth MacFarlane) that I enjoyed and I always find the banter between Chris Griffin’s Luke and Herbert’s Obi-Wan (Mike Henry) to be hysterical.  I especially loved the comment about Leia being the only woman in the galaxy…until Mon Mothma, the only OTHER woman in the galaxy.  I had never thought of that as a kid, but as an adult, I can appreciate the idea.

            Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else to laugh at.  I especially disliked the fact that the writers never knew when to end a certain joke, such as the spoof on “the look” or “nod” given from one character to the other in the sail barge scene.  Once or twice was funny, but over and over again made what was funny at first immensely annoying by the time they finally finished with it.  And I truly was expecting more when spoofing the Ewoks.  Seriously guys, I think you could have done much better regarding them.

            There is no denying that the folks at Family Guy love Star Wars, especially when you look at the detail they went into to create the various ships, planets and background characters.  The attention to detail was incredible and the artwork was simply amazing.

            However, that simply wasn’t enough to pull off this spoof and so, per the scroll in the beginning of the show, I will blame FOX for the creation of the spoof sequel.  Sometimes the first time is the best and there is no need for a sequel.  Keep that in mind if you plan on recreating the prequel’s Family Guy style, okay?  Star Wars and Family Guy fans need not bother checking It’s A Trap! out.  As far as I am concerned, this sequel is truly a dud.


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